Covid: What Happens When Summer Heatwaves Strike?

The Global Goals

If the predictions are true and this summer proves to be extraordinarily hot, more people than ever before will be working from heated-up homes instead of air-conditioned office buildings.

It is crucial to develop concrete ideas for how the urban population can safely navigate the summer.

The long-term goal for livable cities in line with SDG 11 (sustainable cities and communities) must be green-blue infrastructure, which not only benefits climate change adaptation and mitigation (SDG 13) but also gives us space for leisure and recreation, and ultimately contributes to human health and well-being (SDG 3).

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faithSAFE logo

Family Violence and Violence Against Women is a major social and human rights issue in our society. In Australia, one in three women will experience some type of intimate partner abuse at some stage in their life. Family Violence has an enormous impact on women and their children, eroding their mental, physical, emotional and financial well being.

Preventing and responding to family violence requires action from all sectors of our society – including faith communities. In particular, faith leaders can play an important role in raising awareness and emphasising equality and respect toward women.

faithSAFE is an online resource designed to assist faith communities in taking a primary prevention approach to the issue of family violence and violence against women.

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Overview: Faith Communities Supporting Healthy Family Relationships

Faith Communities Supporting Healthy Family RelationshipsFaith Communities Supporting Healthy Family Relationships‘ is a Participatory Action Research project established by the Multifaith Advisory Group based on recommendations 163 and 165 of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence. It is funded by Multicultural Affairs within the Department of Premier and Cabinet and is being implemented in partnership between University of Melbourne and the Multicultural Centre for Women’s Health.

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2020 Narrm Oration

University of MelbourneThe University of Melbourne presents the 2020 Narrm Oration by Associate Professor Michael-Shawn Fletcher on the topic of Our Country, Our Way: How Indigenous people and knowledge can save Australia’s environmental and social unravelling. The Oration will be delivered online on Thursday 26 November 2020, at 6PM.

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Human Rights Week 2020

Human Rights Week 2020

In 2020 Human Rights Week will be a virtual program of human rights related events and activities, beginning on Thursday 3 December and ending on Thursday 10 December – International Human Rights Day.

Anyone can participate in Human Rights Week.

During this week, organisations, community groups and individuals across Victoria may host a virtual morning tea or lunch for their staff, a picnic in a park, others might have a film screening or invite a guest speaker, and some could host a workshop or training session to help their staff build their understanding of human rights.

The theme for Human Rights Week 2020 is ‘Rights in recovery’.

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Cooler Earth – Higher Benefits

Cooler Earth - Higher BenefitsCelebrating International Children’s Day, the World Council of Churches has released a research paper “Cooler Earth – Higher Benefits: Actions by those who care about children, climate and finance.” The publication gives suggestions of how churches and other organisations around the world can respond to the climate emergency through investment decisions which are crucial to protect children from global warming.

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South Australia: November – December 2020

Multifaith Association of South Australia

The Multifaith Association of South Australia lists interfaith events, climate events and faith festivals happening both locally in South Australia, and nationally, with internet participation – for the month of November 2020. For December 2020. Hope’s Cafe event Connecting across Cultures is attached, along with the screening of the 2040 Film and the conjunct Living the Change session.

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River Above Asia Virtual Launch

River Above Asia Oceania Ecclesial Network

Asia and Oceania share a common image in the ‘River Above’– the Pacific Ocean is the life, the river of Asia feeding all rivers, seasons and lives. The welfare of the lands and peoples is bound to the welfare of the seas.

The River Above Asia Oceania Ecclesial Network (RAOEN) seeks to serve the dialogue of integral living so that broader collaboration is possible and breadth and integrity of the ecology and territory are maintained.

The River Above Asia Oceania Ecclesial Network (RAOEN) are inviting you to the RAOEN Virtual Launch on 24 November, 3:00 p.m. (Philippine time)/ 7:00 p.m. (Fiji time) 18:00 Sydney (AEDT).

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The swastika and the problem of cultural appropriation

Swastika in RangoliMuch confusion exists over use of the Swastika by the Third Reich. Nazi Germany appropriated an ancient sacred symbol for their own purposes. For thousands of years, this symbol has been used in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Many people brook no argument nor debate and refuse to accept the sacred origins of a symbol Nazi Germany has damaged. This continues to be a problem wherever this symbol is used in sacred settings, nearly 100 years later.

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Far-right terrorist jailed for 12 years after plotting against ‘Muslims and lefties’ in Melbourne

Phillip Galea

A far-right terror plotter who was dobbed in by his own mates after making plans to wage war against “Muslims and lefties” has been jailed for 12 years. Phillip Galea, 36, was on Friday sentenced in Victoria’s Supreme Court and has to spend at least nine years behind bars before he is eligible for parole.

Galea has effectively been in solitary confinement for four years, so could be eligible for parole in just under five years. Galea was found guilty of plotting attacks on the Victorian Trades Hall and the Melbourne Anarchist Club. The judge said Galea showed “no remorse or contrition” for his offending.

Galea, who was a member of Reclaim Australia and the True Blue Crew, was found guilty of preparing for a terrorist act and making a document likely to facilitate a terrorist act.

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