Prayers for Protection in times of Disaster and Bushfire

One of the functions of multifaith and interfaith organisations and groups is to bring faith leaders together in collaboration and harmony for mutual understanding and benefit, and for the culture and society as a whole.

As citizens of a country that supports religious freedom, we, of course, do not want to establish any religion, even our own as official. However, as citizens and faith leaders of a nation that supports religious freedom, we will offer our prayers – and our prayers in common – for the welfare of the nation; for the protection of those facing danger from the elements and from storm and destruction. We gladly seek to contribute and guide our country’s institutions with prayer.

A Bushfire Prayer

A Jewish Prayer for Those Affected by Fire

Jewish Prayer for Rain

Buddhist Invocation for Rain

JINAPAÑJARA- for sickness and disturbances (Buddhist)

Christian Prayer for Bushfire

Hindu Prayer for Divine Protection

Muslim Prayer for Protection from Harm

Sikh Prayer

Sikh Prayer of blessing


Fireman at line of fire