2023 Saxo Sandinavian Film Festival: Camino

A man takes his daughter on the Camino de Santiago to honor his late wife's last wish.The 2023 Saxo Scandinavian Film Festival, now in its ninth year, showcases the best contemporary cinema from these countries, selected from international film festivals and markets such as Göteborg, Cannes and Berlin. In this article, we look at a somewhat religious themed film, Camino, screening during this festival.

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Australian Quakers: Support for the Voice

Quakers Australia logoAustralian Quakers consider it is essential that First Peoples have an effective say in laws and policies that affect them. We support the full implementation of the Statement from the Heart and we hold that support for the Yes vote for the Voice is a pivotal step toward the Statement’s full implementation.

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Curious Kids: what does a nuclear bomb actually do?

Operation Upshot-Knothole - Badger

A nuclear weapon, nuclear bomb or a nuke, is a weapon that suddenly releases the energy in the nucleus of certain types of atoms. When triggered, the device releases a huge amount of energy in the form of a nuclear explosion.

Nuclear explosions can destroy a city and kill most of its people. They also make nuclear fallout. This radioactive material can make people ill. Nuclear weapons are the most damaging weapons mankind has created.

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Canberra – Lord Jagannath Ratha Yatra

Jagganath Rath Yatra in CanberraCanberra, : The Australian Capital Territory (ACT), Canberra hosted 12th Car Festival of Lord Jagannath with pomp, splendour and much fanfare. The celebration was organised by Hindu Temple and Cultural Centre at Florey in association with Australia’s Odia Society (ORIOZ Inc.), and the Hindu Council of Australia in Canberra.

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Catholics and Orthodox join forces for peace amid Russian and Ukrainian skeptics

Patriarch Kirill and Cardinal Matteo Zuppi

Russian Orthodox clergy and Patriarch Kirill, right side of table, meet with Cardinal Matteo Zuppi and Roman Catholic delegates at the patriarchal residence in Danilov Monastery, in Moscow, Russia, Thursday, June 29, 2023. Photo by Moscow Patriarchate

VATICAN CITY (RNS) — Pope Francis’ envoy for peace in Ukraine returned to Rome from a three-day visit to Moscow on Thursday (June 29) after agreeing with the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill to collaborate on a peaceful resolution of the war. The two also discussed the possibility of a future meeting with the pope.

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Critics pan proposed changes to the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act

Critics pan proposed changes to the NSW Anti-Discrimination ActThe NSW Labor Government committed to amending the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 to prohibit religious vilification within its first 100 days in office. This bill follows through on that commitment. The bill amends the Anti-Discrimination Act to make it unlawful to, by a public act, incite hatred towards, serious contempt for, or severe ridicule of, a person or group of persons, because of their religious belief, affiliation or activity.

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Unity, Compassion, and Devotion: Unlocking the Message of Eid al-Adha

Unlocking the Message of Eid al-Adha Eid al-Adha, a cherished holiday celebrated by Muslims around the world, finds its roots in a profound religious account embedded in the teachings of Islam. When asked about the origin of Eid al-Adha, the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, is reported to have said, “It is a tradition that has come down to us from Ibrahim (Abraham).” This statement highlights the sacred lineage of this observance, tracing back to the revered figure of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham).

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From war to peace

From War to Peace

Bishop Philip Huggins writes, “We have to keep creating the spaces where dialogue about peace building becomes possible. The resolution of conflict is always relational, at every level. People have to meet and listen. There has to be time to patiently deal with mistakes and misunderstandings. Everything else, including the crucial tasks facing the next UN COP28 to prevent catastrophic climate change, is contingent on cultivating better relations between international leaders. There are no short cuts. These people must meet and lead us away from further tragedy.

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South Australia: Faith Groups Work Together

Faith Groups Work TogetherSenior religious representatives have recommitted to interfaith harmony at four meetings hosted by the Adelaide Archdiocese. Philippa Rowland, president of the Multifaith Association of SA and chair of Religions for Peace Australia, convened the meetings to discuss the key elements of the Commitment to Interfaith Harmony.

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