Australian Links

Canberra Interfaith Forum

Jewish Christian Muslim Association of Australia

Australian Council for Christians and Jews

Muslims Australia – Australian Federation of Islamic Councils

Australian Multicultural Foundation

Centre for Dialogue – Latrobe University

Australian National Dialogue of Christians, Muslims and Jews

Australian Partnership of Religious Organisations

Columban Centre for Christian Muslim Relations

Council of Christians and Jews New South Wales

Council of Christians and Jews Victoria

Council of Christians and Jews Western Australia

Dandenong Interfaith Network

Geelong Interfaith Network

Executive Council of Australian Jewry

Religion and Society Research Centre – University of Western Sydney

Reconciliation Australia

National Sikh Council of Australia

Sikh Interfaith Council of Victoria

Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia

Griffith University Multifaith Centre

Hindu Council of Australia

Diversity and Social Cohesion Program, Department of Immigration and Citizenship

Harmony Day

National Council of Churches in Australia

Multicultural NSW

South Australian Multifaith Association

Uniting Church of Australia – Relations with Other Faiths

Faith Communities Council of Victoria

Victorian Multicultural Commission

Victorian Interfaith Calendar

Multifaith Conflict Resolution Network

Conflict Resloution Network

Courage, Understanding and Respect (CURe)

Australian Catholic University: Centre for Interreligious Dialogue,_institutes_and_centres/centres/inter-religious_dialogue

Swinburne University of Technology Student Care Multi Faith Facility

Monash University Multifaith Centre