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You can support Religions for Peace Australia!

Benefits to Society

Religions for Peace Australia is a global, community-based organization working for global peace across the world and for social cohesion in Australia in other countries, and for peace and co-operation between the religions of the world. It works for an understanding of the benefits that religion and religious moderation brings to society, and works against religiously based extremism that is violent.

How to Support

Religions for Peace Australia needs your support, and you can support the organization in many ways:

  1. Becoming a member and paying your annual subscription of $40.
  2. As a member, joining our electronic network and keeping informed of developments and events in Australia and around the world.
  3. Becoming a member of the executive committee by standing for office at the Annual General Meeting or joining the state/territory organizing committees.
  4. Canvassing for new members to join the organization
  5. Speaking positively about the organization, its aims and its activities
  6. Giving donations to the organization and encouraging others to give donations
  7. Making a bequest to the organization