Interfaith Dialogue and Praxis Resources

Australian Resources

Booklet on Constructing a Local Interfaith Network (a Living in Harmony initiative) Constructing a Local Multifaith Network

Cahill, D., Bouma, G., Dellal, H. & M. Leahy (2004) Religion, Cultural Diversity and Safeguarding Australia (Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, Canberra)

Victorian Council of Churches Emergencies Ministry Document: Active Armed Offender Tip Sheet for the Faith Community

ANIC – Australian National Imams Council Portfolio

Changes to the Minister of Religion Labour Agreement (Visa requirements for Religious Workers)

Statement on Assyrian Church Stabbing Church Stabbing

Religions for Peace International – Resources

Religions for Peace International: 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Religions for Peace International: Faithful Peace – Why the Journey to Build Resilience is Multi-Religious

Religions for Peace International: Resource Guide on Climate Change for religious communities

Religions for Peace International: A Multi-religious Call for Action on Climate Change

Religions for Peace International:Preventing and Transforming Conflicts, Including War and Terrorism

Religions for Peace International: Statement of Religions for Peace Women of Faith on Overcoming (Sexual) Violence Against Women

Religions for Peace International: Promoting Just and Harmonious Societies

Religions for Peace International: Guide to Action on Mobilising Faith Communities to Welcome Migrants and Refugees

Religions for Peace International:: Guide for Our Common Future by Protecting The Earth

United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network: Understanding and Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: The Role of Multi-Religious Action

Religions for Peace International: Declaration of Principles for the International Religious Freedom Alliance

European Council of Religious Leaders – Statements

(Religions for Peace Europe)

European Council of Religious Leaders – Berlin Declaration on Interreligious Dialogue

European Council of Religious Leaders – Lille Declaration on a Culture of Peace

European Council of Religious Leaders – Instanbul Declaration on Tolerance

European Council of Religious Leaders – Moscow Declaration on Advancing Human Dignity

European Council of Religious Leaders – Sarajevo Declaration on Living Together in Diversity and Harmony

European Council of Religions Leaders – Vienna Declaration on Freedom of Religion, Rights and Commitments

European Council of Religious Leaders – Brixen Declaration on Mass Migration: A European Challenge

European Council of Religious Leaders – Birmingham Declaration: Religious Action in Europe Today

European Council of Religious Leaders – Universal Code on Holy Sites

European Council of Religious Leaders – Budapest Statement: Multi-religious Cooperation in Social Cohesion and Human Security

European Council of Religious Leaders – in collaboration with the University of Winchester, The Winchester Centre of Religion, Reconciliation and Peace – Multi-religious approaches to Integration

European Council of Religious Leaders – Our Sacred Commitment: Faith in Nature

European Council of Religious Leaders – Global Statement on Ukraine

European Council of Religious Leaders – Religious Contributions to Addressing Divisions in European Communities

United Nations Resources

United Nations Declaration on Principles of Tolerance, 1995

United Nations Beirut Declaration on Faiths for Rights

UNHCR 18 Commitments on “Faith for Rights”

#Faith For Rights Toolkit

UNEP Faith For Earth Initiative

Faith For Earth – A Call for Action

UNEP: Faith For Nature – Our Sacred Commitment

G20 Interfaith Reports

G20 Interfaith: Argentina 2018 Rapporteur’s Report_2018_Argentina_Report

G20 Interfaith: Argentina 2018 Recommendations

G20 Interfaith: Osaka 2019 Final Recommendations

G20 Interfaith: Saudi Arabia 2020 Final Recommendations

G20 Interfaith: Bologna, Italy: 2021 Summary

G20 Interfaith: Abu Dhabi, UAE: 2022 Communique

Other Resources

KAICIID Guide to Interreligious Dialogue: Bridging Differences and Building Sustainable Societies

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Guidelines for Ministry in A Multi-Religious World

Joint Declaration of Religious Leaders Against Modern Slavery Joint Declaration of Religious Leaders Against Modern Slavery

Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue: Booklet on Celebrating Mercy with Believers of Other Religions

“Ethics in Action” Multireligious Collaboration for Positive Peace Ethics in Action – Positive Peace

Evaluating Interreligious Peacebuilding and Dialogue: Methods and Frameworks (Open Access)

World Council of Churches: Building Interreligious Solidarity in our Wounded World

Guide to Monitoring the Gender Dimension of Freedom of Religion and Belief


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