Interfaith Dialogue and Praxis Resources

Australian Resources

Booklet on Constructing a Local Interfaith Network (a Living in Harmony initiative) Constructing a Local Multifaith Network

Cahill, D., Bouma, G., Dellal, H. & M. Leahy (2004) Religion, Cultural Diversity and Safeguarding Australia (Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs, Canberra)

Victorian Council of Churches Emergencies Ministry Document: Active Armed Offender Tip Sheet for the Faith Community

ANIC – Australian National Imams Council Portfolio

Visas for Religious Workers

Religions for Peace International – Resources

Religions for Peace International: 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Religions for Peace International: Faithful Peace – Why the Journey to Build Resilience is Multi-Religious

Religions for Peace International: Resource Guide on Climate Change for religious communities

Religions for Peace International: A Multi-religious Call for Action on Climate Change

Religions for Peace International:Preventing and Transforming Conflicts, Including War and Terrorism

Religions for Peace International: Statement of Religions for Peace Women of Faith on Overcoming (Sexual) Violence Against Women

Religions for Peace International: Promoting Just and Harmonious Societies

Religions for Peace International: Guide to Action on Mobilising Faith Communities to Welcome Migrants and Refugees

Religions for Peace International:: Guide for Our Common Future by Protecting The Earth

United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network: Understanding and Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: The Role of Multi-Religious Action

Religions for Peace International: Declaration of Principles for the International Religious Freedom Alliance

European Council of Religious Leaders – Statements

(Religions for Peace Europe)

European Council of Religious Leaders – Berlin Declaration on Interreligious Dialogue

European Council of Religious Leaders – Lille Declaration on a Culture of Peace

European Council of Religious Leaders – Instanbul Declaration on Tolerance

European Council of Religious Leaders – Moscow Declaration on Advancing Human Dignity

European Council of Religious Leaders – Sarajevo Declaration on Living Together in Diversity and Harmony

European Council of Religions Leaders – Vienna Declaration on Freedom of Religion, Rights and Commitments

European Council of Religious Leaders – Brixen Declaration on Mass Migration: A European Challenge

European Council of Religious Leaders – Birmingham Declaration: Religious Action in Europe Today

European Council of Religious Leaders – Universal Code on Holy Sites

European Council of Religious Leaders – Budapest Statement: Multi-religious Cooperation in Social Cohesion and Human Security

European Council of Religious Leaders – in collaboration with the University of Winchester, The Winchester Centre of Religion, Reconciliation and Peace – Multi-religious approaches to Integration

European Council of Religious Leaders – Our Sacred Commitment: Faith in Nature

United Nations Resources

United Nations Declaration on Principles of Tolerance, 1995

United Nations Beirut Declaration on Faiths for Rights

UNHCR 18 Commitments on “Faith for Rights”

#Faith For Rights Toolkit

UNEP Faith For Earth Initiative

Faith For Earth – A Call for Action

UNEP: Faith For Nature – Our Sacred Committment

G20 Interfaith Reports

G20 Interfaith: Argentina 2018 Rapporteur’s Report_2018_Argentina_Report

G20 Interfaith: Argentina 2018 Recommendations

G20 Interfaith: Osaka 2019 Final Recommendations

G20 Interfaith: Saudi Arabia 2020 Final Recommendations

G20 Interfaith: Bologna, Italy: 2021 Summary

G20 Interfaith: Abu Dhabi, UAE: 2022 Communique

Other Resources

KAICIID Guide to Interreligious Dialogue: Bridging Differences and Building Sustainable Societies

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Guidelines for Ministry in A Multi-Religious World

Joint Declaration of Religious Leaders Against Modern Slavery Joint Declaration of Religious Leaders Against Modern Slavery

Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue: Booklet on Celebrating Mercy with Believers of Other Religions

“Ethics in Action” Multireligious Collaboration for Positive Peace Ethics in Action – Positive Peace

Evaluating Interreligious Peacebuilding and Dialogue: Methods and Frameworks (Open Access)

World Council of Churches: Building Interreligious Solidarity in our Wounded World

Guide to Monitoring the Gender Dimension of Freedom of Religion and Belief


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