Petition to Pope to make St. Joseph Vaz a Patron Saint of Interreligious Relations

Petition to Pope to make St. Joseph Vaz a Patron SaintSt. Joseph (Naik) Vaz was canonized in 2015 by Pope Francis.  In 2021 Pope Francis was petitioned to make him Patron Saint of First Responders for washing the sores and nursing the abandoned victims of a smallpox epidemic in the Buddhist Kingdom of Kandy at the risk of getting infected himself.  This resonated with our humanitarian needs during the Covid crisis. Now, there is a new petition to Pope Francis to make St. Joseph (Naik) Vaz Patron Saint of Interreligious Relations.

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Vatican and Vietnam agree to open resident Holy See office in Hanoi

Vietnamese State President Vo Van Thuong and Pope FrancisThe Vietnamese government and the Vatican have reached an agreement on the status of a Holy See resident papal representative in Vietnam, marking a significant move in the bilateral ties, according to a joint statement between the two sides.

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Buddhism’s gender equality route is being impacted

Buddhism's gender equality

A new generation of monastic leaders is shaking things up in the enormous world of Buddhism. There has been a subtle wind of change blowing from the Kingdom of Bhutan to South Korea, representing a change in cultural norms and practises.

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PRAYERS and MEDITATIONS on Hiroshima Day

Hiroshima Day Prayers and Meditatons

Religions for Peace Asia in collaboration with Religions for Peace Australia invites all people of faith to join in prayers and meditations for the anniversary of Hiroshima Day. Participants and prayer leaders will come from Korea, Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia. This will be a Zoom event on Sunday 6th August 2023. Times are given below.

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Davao Statement of the Asian Conference of Religions for Peace

Asia Conference of Religions for Peace LogoFrom 23 May – 25 May, the Executive Council of the Asian Conference of Religions for Peace met in Davao, and engaged in the Mindanao Peace Forum. Delegates from nations in South East Asia and Oceania attended. The forum presented a concluding statement, Committing to Peace, Acting for Peace, Statement of the Asian Conference of Religions for Peace Executive Council during the 2023 EC Meeting in Davao and the Mindanao Peace Forum

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E tū te mana o Te Ao: Building a Climate of Hope

‘E Tū Te Mana O Te Ao – Building a Climate of Hope’

The Religious Diversity Centre Climate Action Group invites you to attend a special webinar series that we have the pleasure of organising. It is called‘E Tū Te Mana O Te Ao – Building a Climate of Hope’.

The 4-part series features inspiring speakers, including: Dr Jane Goodall DBE, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace,Rabbi Dean Shapiro , Progressive Jewish Community of Auckland, mentor for Blessed Tomorrow’s Climate Ambassador Training,Mary Moeono-Kolio , Climate Activist, Pacific Climate Warriors, and theRt Hon Helen Clark, Former PM of NZ, Former Administrator to the UN Development Programme.

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In Asia, the Virgin Mary transcends religious boundaries

Our Lady of Velankanni
Statues of Our Lady of Velankanni predominate in a display of religious items in Chennai, India. (Dreamstime/Yahodkumar05)

Most people know that the Virgin Mary is very popular among Catholic and Orthodox Christians. But what they usually don’t know is that the Mother of God is also venerated by devotees from other faiths such as Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. She might not be necessarily part of the official teaching of these traditions but she still attracts devotees. As new research shows, Mary is the most universal religious figure of our contemporary world.

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Two day Global Buddhist Summit 2023 concludes with New Delhi Declaration

Global Buddhist Summit 2023The two day Global Buddhist Summit 2023 concluded successfully in New Delhi today with the New Delhi Declaration. Earlier on 20th April 2023, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the summit. The Declaration reinforces the points highlighted by the Prime Minister in his opening address.

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