The Golden Rule Poster


The Golden Rule Poster is now being distributed in an Australian version, which includes Aboriginal Spirituality among the 13 religions on the poster.


The Golden Ruletreat others as you would like them to treat you – also known as the Ethic of Reciprocity, has been valued by human societies for thousands of years and is found worldwide throughout cultures, religions, secular philosophies and indigenous traditions. It reveals a profound unity underlying the rich diversity of human experience. With its emphasis on mutuality, interdependence and reciprocity, it is a simple but effective guide for respectful and harmonious co-existence.


The Golden Rule Poster can be used in schools, homes, congregations, universities, workplaces, hospitals and prisons for teaching compassion, multicultural and multireligious cooperation and human solidarity.

  • Includes sacred texts from 13 different religions
  • Promotes mutual respect and harmony in our multi-religious society
  • Provides discussion topics for schools, homes, offices and congregations

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A-1 Poster (594 x 841mm)
$11.99 inc GST and $7.00 postage (Australia only)

A-4 pack of 25 $25.30 inc GST + $3.50 postage (Australia only)

Free online resources available at

Download a Flyer which gives resources and ideas for use of the Golden Rule in Interfaith Activities

Golden Rule Poster, including Australian Aboriginal Ethic

Golden Rule Poster, including Australian Aboriginal Ethic