Saving the Other

Religions for Peace UK

Religions for Peace United Kingdom has started to arrange a series of talks on ‘Saving the Other’, aiming to portray how religions have helped save each other during times of conflict, as opposed to the image of religions creating conflict.

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Curriculum Review Completed

Curriculum Review Completed

Australia’s school curriculum is overcrowded and needs to refocus teaching in early childhood years on literacy and numeracy, according to a Federal Government-commissioned report released on Sunday. The review diligently considered Religion in the Australian curriculum, with input from the ACARA review into Religion in the national curriculum, but made no recommendations.

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Youth and Interfaith Dialogue

Youth Global Interfaith

Scarboro Missions (the home of the Golden Rule Poster) have compiled a worldwide listing of Youth and Interfaith Dialogue. This is created as a networking tool to facilitate and empower communication between local interfaith initiatives. In addition to the main directory, you will find educational resources, potential global partners, and other useful information.

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