July: Global Newsletter

Religions for Peace

The latest Global Newsletter from Religions for Peace International reports peace and humanitarian activities in the conflict zones, along with heart-felt activities imbued with love, by members of Religions for Peace Worldwide. Forgiveness and Reconciliation, Climate Change, efforts to restore peace in many nations: these are the works of members and leaders of Religions for Peace worldwide, covered in this newsletter.


Yazidis community of Sinjar

Religions for Peace

Religions for Peace issues a worldwide call for all in the religions for peace family to pray - each according to his or her tradition - for the Yazidis community of Sinjar who are facing threat of massacre from ISIS/ISIL.


Baha'i Community: To Light a Candle

To Light a Candle

To Light a Candle provides a powerful account of the Baha’is in Iran, the country’s largest non-Muslim religious minority. Following the 1979 Islamic revolution, Baha’is face systematic persecution including arrests, imprisonment and executions. They are also forbidden from attending or teaching at universities.

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Religions for Peace

Religions for Peace

Ramadan Message

Ramadan Murburak

The Chair and members of Religions for Peace Australia give spiritual greetings to our Muslim brothers and sisters as they embark upon the Holy Month of Ramadan. It is a time when Muslims, and indeed all of humanity, are reminded of the transcendent element in life and that our minds and bodies must rise above the materialism and consumerism of contemporary living. Our prayers and best wishes go out to the Muslim community at this sacred time.

The Golden Rule

Golden Rule, Australian Version

An Australian Version of the Golden Rule Poster is available

Multifaith Australia - Reimaging our Common Future

Reimagining Our Common Future

Religions for Peace Australia, with RMIT Chaplaincy, present Multifaith Australia – Reimagining Our Common Future public lecture by Religions for Peace for World Interfaith Harmony Week. Watch a video of this lecture by Prof. Joe Camillerie and the response by Maria Vamvakinou, MP.

Offer a Meal Movement

Offer a Meal

Religions for Peace Australia invites you to join the worldwide Offer a Meal Movement – a movement which skips a meal a couple of times a month in solidarity with–and prayer for –those suffering from hunger, extreme poverty or violent conflict.

G20 Interfaith Summit: Religious Freedom and Economic Development

G20 Interfaith Summit

Griffith University Centre for Interfaith & Cultural Dialogue will conduct a G20 Interfaith Summit on November 16 - 18. This Interfaith Summit will explore Religious Freedom and Economic Development.
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Affliated with Religions for Peace Australia, InterAction is Interfaith Youth building a generation-wide movement of young people. Inspired by individual spiritual traditions, InterAction works together to build a better world. Visit Interaction

Anti Racism

Racism, it stops with Me

Religions for Peace has partnered with the Australian Human Rights Commission Anti Racism Strategy

9th World Assembly

Religions for Peace

The 9th World Assembly of Religions for Peace was held in Vienna during November, 2013. Theme Papers and Resources are available.