Ramadan and Lent: building social justice, social harmony

The sacred seasons of the Christian Lent and the Islamic Ramadan offer much in common in building humility, self-discipline, self-sacrifice and harmony in diversity. The is unity in difference in the social outcomes of these festivals that care for the poor, those who are in need, and creating a future for the generations to come.

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Victoria: Prayer and Meditation Service For Peace

Prayer and Meditation Service For PeaceThe Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC), Multifaith Advisory Group (MAG) and leaders of Melbourne’s Sikh and Hindu communities have organised a meditation and prayer service at Federation Square from 6-7pm on Monday, 20 March. The service, which will be held in the name of peace, unity and social cohesion, is a direct response to recent conversations between the VMC, MAG and faith leaders following incidents of vandalism at places of worship.

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Victoria: Statements from the Soul Panel Discussion

Statements from the Soul Panel Discussion

Statements from the Soul is a new book comprised of a collection of essays from diverse religious leaders and thinkers advocating the moral case for the Uluru Statement from the Heart and for a First Nations voice to be enshrined in the Australian Constitution. Moderated by prominent journalist Patricia Karvelas, presenter of ABC’s RN Breakfast, Statements from the Soul panel discussion will feature some of the contributors on why a First Nations voice to parliament is necessary not only legally and politically, but also morally. Tuesday 21 February 2023 at 6:15pm at The Craig Auditorium, Trinity College, Melbourne

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Bringing Our Multifaith Neighbours Together for Reconciliation: The Voice

 World Interfaith Harmony Week LogoThe Interfaith Centre of Melbourne invites you to attend a special World Interfaith Harmony Week event in the Melbourne Town Hall, 90 -140 Swanston Street, Melbourne, to hear clear information about a Voice to Parliament from First Nations People and from religious and community leaders who are working for Reconciliation on Sunday 26 February, 2023, 5.30 pm – 7.30 pm.

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Preventing violence against women and family violence in faith settings

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Issues of religious faith, or the belief in a specific system of principles and practices that give reverence to a higher power, are often central to the experiences of many victims and survivors of domestic violence. Faith communities and secular domestic violence programs are becoming increasingly aware of the need to create an awareness of domestic violence within faith communities, as well as the need for cross-training and education about dynamics of domestic violence and the role that faith plays in individuals’ lives.

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Victoria: Sacred Expressions of the Human Spirit

The Interfaith Centre of Melbourne invites you to Sacred Expressions of the Human Spirit, at St Michael’s Church, 120 Collins Street, Melbourne, on Sunday 20 November, commencing at 4pm. This concert brings together Australia’s First Nations Didgeridoo master alongside some of Australia’s leading sacred music practitioners.

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Colonial Bondage: Liberating Theological Education

Professor Anne Pattel-Gray

The University of Divinity presents the Professorial Lecture of Professor Anne Pattel-Gray who will share her insights into Australia’s First Nations religious and spiritual beliefs and practices that form the core of her theology.

She will explain how we are all held captive by our colonial heritage and that our theological education and institutions require liberation in order to be set free.

She will further explain the process to decolonise biblical and theological narratives and challenge Christians to become the radical change that is so desperately needed to transform a Nation.

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Indian-born Community may help create a cohesive multi-cultural and multi-faith society

Indian-born Community may help create a cohesive multi-cultural and multi-faith societyIn addressing the impact of Covid on International Students from India, Religions for Peace President Prof. Des Cahill said, “Indian born community and its leaders now have a greater responsibility for creating and continuing to create a cohesive multi-cultural and multi-faith society” at the Annual General Meeting of IndianCare on Sunday, 11 September 2022.

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Nostra Aetate: Interfaith – Understanding & Welcoming

Nostra Aetate: Interfaith – Understanding and WelcomingIn the spirit of Nostra Aetate, Garratt Publishing – in conjunction with Yarra Theological Union – invite you to a 4-week webinar series exploring other religious traditions from a Catholic perspective. The online webinar will be conducted on Monday Evenings – 5 & 12 September, 3 & 10 October. Religions examined will be Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam – all from a Catholic perspective.

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