Victorian Anti Semitism Report

Jewish Community Council of Victoria logoThe Victorian Anti Semitism Report examines the key incidents, trends and ideologies driving the growth in antisemitism, which is becoming more threatening and visible, and also reviews the key far-left and far-right groups operating in Victoria, the impact of Covid-19 on these organisations and their leaders in Victoria and nationally. Finally, the report describes, in general terms, the state of rising antisemitism globally to provide the direction in which Australian and Victorian antisemitism may be heading.

The Australian Jewish community has been fortunate that the Executive Council of Australian Jewry has, for many years, collated an annual report on antisemitism at a national level. This report is an indispensable resource that has given us the opportunity to best understand the challenges we face, but also to efficiently and effectively direct community effort and resources.

The Community Security Group (CSG) Victoria offers security guidance and training to Jewish communal institutions, schools and synagogues, as well as providing year-round protection for Jewish communal events and buildings.

The Community Security Group has a Research and Analysis (R&A) department that receives and investigates reports of antisemitism, collates data, and identifies trends. As part of its collation and analysis of antisemitism in Australia, the Community Security Group releases an annual national report containing data and insights on incidents of antisemitism. In conjunction with the Jewish Community Council of Victoria, the Community Security Group is pleased to release this report, the first Victorian antisemitism report, which provides specific insight into local antisemitism and how it affects the Victorian Jewish community.

The Community Security Group defines an antisemitic incident as any malevolent act directed towards individuals, organisations, or properties associated with the Jewish community. Such acts are considered antisemitic if there is evidence of their motivation or content being rooted in antisemitism, or if the victim was specifically targeted due to their Jewish identity or perceived Jewishness.

These incidents encompass a range of offences, such as physical assaults on individuals or property, verbal or written abuse and threats, antisemitic posts on social media, antisemitic gestures, antisemitic graffiti, leaflets, or posters.

Analysing this data helps the Community Security Group identify any action the Jewish community may need to take in order to better protect itself. It is therefore hoped that this report will provide policy makers, law enforcement, and other local authorities and leaders with an insight into the level and type of antisemitism in Victoria, as well as recent trends, which will therefore aid in formulating concrete plans to mitigate the local rise in antisemitism and ensure the safety of the Jewish community.

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