Interreligious Symposium on Grace

Speakers from five different religions will reflect on the idea of ‘grace’ in their tradition and deepen our understanding of the theme of God’s self-giving to human beings and our giftedness to each other.

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Faith 2 Faith Art in Public Spaces

Buddhist monk

Faith 2 Faith Art in Public Spaces Exhibition March 2013 is an event that exhibits the artwork of professional and non-professional artists who live, study, work or play in the municipalities of Brimbank.

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Islamophobia in the Netherlands

Book Cover, Islamophobia in the Netherlands

Since 11 September 2001 – and especially since the murder of Theo van Gogh – Muslims and Islam have frequently been unfavourably portrayed at the heart of public debate.

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Religions for Peace Myanmar Launched

Launch of Religions for Peace Myanmar

13 September 2012, Yangon, Myanmar: Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Muslim communties in Myanmar together launched the Religions for Peace Myanmar as the country’s first full-fledged representative and action-oriented interreligious body for reconciliation, peace and development. Approximately 100 religious, diplomatic, political and civil society leaders in Myanmar and Religions for Peace International leaders joined the inauguration.

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Forum on Syria

Pax Christi Forum on Syria

Pax Christi Victoria is a branch of the International Christian Peace Movement, Pax Christi International. They will conduct a Forum on Syria on Sunday, 16 September.

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Young Future Multifaith Leaders Program

Mulitfaith Future Leaders Camp

A three day residential leadership training program for young leaders of a variety of faiths will be held in Kyneton, Victoria, during February, 2013.

The B’nai Brith Anti Defamation Commission aims to promote respect and justice and oppose racism and hatred. They run many programs one of which is a Multifaith Future Leaders Program.

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