Tasmania, August 2016

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The gathering for Religions for Peace for this month will be held on Wednesday evening 10 August from 6.00-7.00pm at the Brahma Kumaris Centre, 51 Risdon Rd., New Town. We’ll share a skype call with Thea Ormerod, the Chair of Australian Religious Response to Climate Change, who is hoping to discuss her proposed visit to Hobart on Saturday 19 November to conduct a workshop for interested participants. This will be an opportunity not only to discuss Thea’s proposed visit but the content of her workshop as well.

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Tasmania, April 2016

Tasmania, March 2016
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The sacred festival days continue into April. While the eight day festival of Pesach or Passover is often close in time to ‘Western’ Easter, this year, Pesach does not begin till 23 April and the Eastern Rite, or Orthodox, Easter Sunday is 1 May 2016.

The Religions for Peace event for April will be held close to many holy days. Cheryl Maddock, the Founder/Facilitator of the Australian Shamanic Centre, will conduct a Soul Retrieval session for the souls of the earth.

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