Father Rod Bower leaves Gosford

Father Rod Bower at Gosford
It may not be as thought-provoking, politically charged, or controversial as his other church signs but his final one is just as to the point.

Father Rod Bower is leaving Gosford Anglican Church for a job at Lake Macquarie.

After 22 years at the church, Father Bower says his most memorable sign was about LGBTQI+ rights.

There are plans for his successor to continue crafting clever signs

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Victoria: Eid Breakfast with Father Rod Bower

bower2The ICV hosted its first Eid Breakfast on Monday 19th September 2016 with Keynote Speaker Fr Rod Bower, from the Gosford Anglican Church. Fr Bower is internationally recognised for his interfaith dialogue. Guests also heard speeches from ICV President Bayram Aktepe, ICV Imam Sheikh Abdinur Weli and MC’ed by Br Junaid Cheema.

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