Multi-faith Leaders Push Australian Government to Act on Climate Change

Members of the Peoples Climate AssemblyThe People’s Climate Assembly (PCA), co-hosted by multi-faith leaders from the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC), gathered outside Parliament House in Canberra on 4 February, calling on the Australian government to take action on climate change. As a part of the peaceful protest, Anglican priest Fr. Rod Bower led an interfaith mourning ritual for victims of the widespread bushfires that have razed large areas of Australia. The ceremony of mourning was organized by the Canberra Interfaith Forum and the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture.

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Canberra: Faithful speak out at People’s Climate Assembly after bushfires

Interfaith Mourning Ritual at Parliament House

Buddhists, Anglicans, Catholics, Muslims, Quakers and people of other faiths joined thousands of concerned Australians in Canberra during the first sitting week of Parliament to stand up for meaningful action on climate change.

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Victoria: Eid Breakfast with Father Rod Bower

bower2The ICV hosted its first Eid Breakfast on Monday 19th September 2016 with Keynote Speaker Fr Rod Bower, from the Gosford Anglican Church. Fr Bower is internationally recognised for his interfaith dialogue. Guests also heard speeches from ICV President Bayram Aktepe, ICV Imam Sheikh Abdinur Weli and MC’ed by Br Junaid Cheema.

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