Love and Care in the Age of Social Media

Love and Care in the Age of Social Media

The E-Vam Buddhist Institute is hosting a multi-faith forum on 2 June entitled Love and Care for Others in the Age of Social Media. This will be a fascinating discussion and a lovely day out in the Yarra Valley.

In this forum, teachers from different faiths will explore how to love and care for others in the age of social media. The panel will dialogue on important topics and answer questions and engage with the audience at each forum. Participants will be able to: learn more about the great faith traditions of the world; connect with others pursuing a religious and spiritual path; and find out more about interfaith dialogue and activities happening in your world.

Working with Others with Love and Compassion
in the Age of Social Media

Forum members will discuss the theme in relation to the impact of social media on the religious and spiritual path.

  • Are 24/7 technologies such as iPads and smart phones making us too busy to care?
  • YouTube: wisdom of the ages or a banality on steroids?
  • Will there be a Facebook led spiritual revolution?
  • What effect does the lack of facetoface contact by social media have on us?
  • I twitter, therefore I am. Does social media increase our humanity?


Swami Atmananda, Co director with Swami Priyananda of the Shiva Yoga & Meditation Centre Geelong

Swami Atmananda has been a full time student of Meditation Master Swami Shankrananda for the last 15 years. In 2009 he was initiated as a Swami in India and in 2011 was asked to start the Geelong Shiva Centre with Swami Priyananda. He is an expert in the philosophy of Kashmir Shavism and has a special interest in all spiritual traditions. Swami Atmananda has been actively involved in interfaith dialogue in Victoria. Read about the Geelong Shiva Centre

Venerable Anna Goldstein, Tibetan Buddhist nun based at the Tibetan Buddhist Society in Melbourne

Venerable Anna Goldstein was a student of the Tibetan Buddhist master, Venerable Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden, for almost 30 years until his passing last year. Anna has taught Buddhist philosophy and meditation at the Society’s Peaceful land of Joy Meditation Centre in Yuroke and in the community. She has also worked extensively in communications and public affairs involving a wide range of social issues including housing, family violence, finance and education and maintains a strong interest in latest communications channels including social media. Read more on

Fr Michael Mifsud, Regional Chaplain for Oblates For Austalia & New Zealand

Fr Michael Mifsud was ordained for the Melbourne Archdiocese in 1976. Since childhood he felt drawn to the Contemplative and Monastic Tradition. After years of searching in 1992 he went on Pilgrimage to India to visit and stay with Dom Bede Griffiths and the Dalai Lama. Bede received him as a Camaldolese Benedictine Oblate of Shantivanam and Sannyasin (monk). In that same year Bede inaugurated him in his “hermit in community life” at Montserrat, Millgrove. From 1997 to the end of 2000 he lived as a hermit near Mt Matlock (1200 meters), giving occasional retreats around the Country to Christian Meditation Groups and other groups he has had since 1994. Since the mid 90’s he was appointed as Regional Chaplain and Spiritual Director to the Camaldolese Oblates in Australia and New Zealand. He regularly leads retreats and prayer days for the Communit for Christian meditation in both Countries. He presently resides in a Hermitage at East Warburton as well as Pallotti College, Millgrove.

What: Love and Care in the Age of Social Media

When: Sunday 2 June 2013 -2.00pm to 4.00pm

Where: Maitripa Centre 528 Myers Creek Rd Healesville, (Map)

Cost $20

Futher Information: For further information or to register contact the EVam Buddhist Institute on: Phone (03) 9387 0422

Affordable meals, snacks and barista style coffee will be available at Dogen’s Café onsite at Maitripa Centre.

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