How to Get Involved This Earth Day

Eco Watch

Earth Day is coming Friday, April 22, and this year’s theme is “Invest in Our Planet.” Regardless of how you choose to invest, there’s never been a more important time to celebrate this holiday. As humans run short on time to curb climate change and prevent catastrophic calamity, it’s important for everyone to take serious, bold actions toward a sustainable future.

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Climate Change: Beyond ‘Sustainability’: Nourishment for Moving Forward

In the aftermath of the recent 2018 Parliament of World’s Religions in Toronto, Ontario, Grove Harris reflected on work with women, faith, and eco-justice. Dr. Vandana Shiva was a major speaker for the climate change plenary and a wealth of other sessions. Her expertise and energetic, prophetic, scientific voice moved the Parliament’s climate justice work forward.

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Embedding Environmental Action in the Islamic Faith

In September 2018, the Bahu Trust in Birmingham, United Kingdom, won ‘Best Green Initiative’ at the British Beacon Mosque Awards. The Bahu Trust represents 22 mosques around the country. Kamran Shezad, sustainability advisor to The Bahu Trust and a member of its congregation, explains the motivation behind moving towards a sustainable model and Bahu Trust’s efforts within both the Muslim and interfaith community.

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Climate Change: Ordaining Trees to Save Them

At a time when Pope Francis is calling upon religious leaders to step up as environmental advocates, Thai Buddhist monks are answering the call. Through rituals like tree ordinations, monks are integrating Buddhist principles into the environmental movement in order to garner support from their followers and encourage sustainable practices.

Although Buddhism is typically a religion famed for its detachment from society, ecology monks believe that their religion is inherently tied to nature. With such an immense amount of influence in villages throughout Thailand, Buddhist monks are utilizing their position to add a unique moral dimension to the environmental movement. However, rituals alone are not enough.

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Faiths for Earth: The Call for Ecological Transformation

It’s not a great time for climate watchers. Last week we read that the increase in greenhouse gas will be 2.7% for 2018, compared with 1.6% for 2017, and no increase the three years before that. The particles in these emissions, such as CO2, are minuscule, and yet the combined weight of this year’s emissions adds up to more than 100,000 times the weight of Empire State Building. The models indicate that, at this rate of increase, some rather dire consequences that were expected for the decade beginning in 2040 will now arrive in the 2030s. That’s 12 years away.

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South Australia: Students of Sustainability Conference

sosflinders Students of Sustainability is an annual environmental and social justice conference bringing together activists, entrepreneurs, speakers, educators and artists from around Australia for a week of celebration, education, culture, delicious food, networking and camping. SoS is based at a different university campus each year. In 2015, SOS will be held at Flinders University, Adelaide, on Kaurna country from July 8th – 12th.

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