The Pope Benedict I knew: A keeper of his faith with a deep respect for Judaism

Rabbi David Rosen, meets with Pope Benedict XVI

Rabbi David Rosen is the former chief rabbi of Ireland, and is American Jewish Committee’s International Director of Interreligious Affairs. He is an International Co-President of Religions for Peace, and has participated in many interfaith events, including the Day of Prayer for World Peace at Assisi 2011, alongside Pope Benedict XVI.

(JTA) — I was first introduced to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, later to become Pope Benedict XVI, in the late 1980s when he was visiting Jerusalem. Teddy Kollek, mayor of Jerusalem, was eager for me to meet with the cardinal, telling me that I would discover a very different person from the image portrayed in the general media. He was so correct.

That image was in no small part the result of Pope John Paul II having made him the head of the Vatican Office for Doctrine and Faith, to enforce orthodox Catholic teaching. In addition, the fact that Ratzinger was a shy man with a professorial background and attitude often led people to see him as aloof and even cold.

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Saudi Arabia again leads interfaith understanding — this time on its own soil

Participants attend the “Common Values Among the Followers (RNS) — Until recently the recognition of any religion other than Islam in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was rare, and anyone practicing another faith was “vulnerable to detention, harassment and, for noncitizens, deportation,” according to the U.S. Office of International Religious Freedom.

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Rabbi David Rosen promotes interfaith, peace, justice, veganism

Rabbi David RosenRabbi David Rosen is a man dedicated to a myriad of missions: to further interfaith dialogue, to pursue justice and peace, and to promote veganism and healthy living. And because of his tenacity, he has greatly furthered these causes and influenced many people along the way. Capping a long career of interreligious involvement, Rosen has recently been involved in startling changes in Saudi Arabia related to interfaith relations, and the notable change in the religious orientation of the Kingdom.

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Interreligious Heroes – Role Models and Spiritual Exemplars for Interfaith Practice

interreligious Heroes - Role Models and Spiritual Exemplars for Interfaith Practice

The Elijah institute announces a new book in the Interreligious Reflections series, presenting inspirational leaders in Interreligious relations. This volume was conceived as a tribute to Elijah board member and contemporary interreligious hero, Rabbi David Rosen, on the occasion of his seventieth birthday.

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55 Years of Nostra Aetate

Rabbi Noam Marans shakes hands with Pope Francis

Fifty-five years ago, the Catholic church came out with a document that arguably did more not only to improve Jews’ relationships with Catholics, but also to make Jews physically safer and more at home in the world.

Nostra Aetate, which the Second Vatican Council passed by a 2,221-to-88 vote 55 years and one week ago, on October 28, 1965, redefined the church’s understanding of Jews by acknowledging, among other things, that all Jews are not responsible for the death of the Christian messiah.

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Climate Change: Beyond ‘Sustainability’: Nourishment for Moving Forward

In the aftermath of the recent 2018 Parliament of World’s Religions in Toronto, Ontario, Grove Harris reflected on work with women, faith, and eco-justice. Dr. Vandana Shiva was a major speaker for the climate change plenary and a wealth of other sessions. Her expertise and energetic, prophetic, scientific voice moved the Parliament’s climate justice work forward.

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