Conference: Interfaith call for Ecocide Law

Faith for Ecocide Conference

Faith for Ecocide Law is creating an interreligious coalition in support of an international crime of Ecocide within the Rome statute of the International Criminal Court.

Humanity is at the crossroads, and faith communities have a unique voice for the reverence for Mother Earth/the Creation, and the existential understanding of the relationship between humans and nature. Faith for Ecocide Law aims at raising this voice in support of new rules for the protection of Nature at a global scale.

End Ecocide Sweden in cooperation with Stop Ecocide Foundation, Christian Council of Sweden, The Catholic Diocese of Stockholm, Sigtuna Foundation and Centre for Environment and Development Studies at Uppsala University will host an Interfaith Conference -Interfaith call for Ecocide Law September 16, 9-12 CET (eastern hemisphere), 16-19 CET (western hemisphere). ONLINE

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