Australia: Sacred People, Sacred Earth

Sacred People - Sacred EarthPeople of all faiths are speaking with one voice in Australia and joining in the International Day of Climate Justice with Greenfaith International. At 11:00 am in every state, people of faith will join in ringing of bells for the climate, prayer, meditation and peaceful messaging. This activity involves Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Quakers and many other people of faith.

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Queensland: Faith Communities Make Noise For Climate

Sacreed People - Sacred Earth Brisbane
More than one hundred Australian faith communities will ‘sound the alarm’ for the climate as part of a major global multi faith Day of Action on Thursday 11 March at 11am local time. Churches will ring bells, Rabbis will sound the shofar, Imams will call the Azan and other groups are holding silent vigils to draw attention to a series of demands of Prime Minister Scott Morrison for climate justice.

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World Council of Churches says Climate Emergency is on us TODAY

World Council of Churches

The World Council of Churches Executive Committee, in a statement, said that the climate crisis is not a distant prospect, but is upon us today.

“Children, young people and ordinary citizens have made public demonstration of their outrage at the lack of any adequate response by governments to the gravity of this global crisis, and against the backsliding by some governments,” the statement reads. “The time for debate and disputation of established scientific facts is long over.”

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