Victoria: Christmas and Islam

Islamic Museum of Australia logoAs people rush for last-minute Christmas gifts in shopping venues across Australia in a seasonal expenditure expected to reach billions of dollars, Muslims in Australia have mixed feelings about the festive season. You can visit the Islamic Museum of Australia and join in the conversation about Muslims and Christmas on 12 December at 12pm… this talk is for both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Christmas, the birthday of Prophet Jesus, known as Isa in the Qur’an, is celebrated by Christians around the world. He is known as the main prophet of Christianity, and one of the main prophets of Islam. Have you ever wondered why Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas? Jesus is mentioned in the Qur’an 25 times – this is more than our own Prophet Muhammad!

Join us in answering this question and more about how Muslims recognise Jesus in Islam. This event is open to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Answer your burning questions about Christmas and Islam.


Islamic Museum of Australia
Address: 15A Anderson Rd, Thornbury, 3071
Date: 12 December 2019
Time : 12pm
Gold coin donation on arrival.


Christmas Balls on tree


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