Victoria: Tackling Hate Speech Program

OHPI LogoThe Council of Christians and Jews Victoria – in collaboration with the Online Hate Prevention Institute will deliver the first workshop of the Tackling Hate Speech Program at St Dominic’s Primary School, Camberwell on Saturday 10 November from 2 – 4 pm.

Tackling Hate Speech Program

Recently, violent extremism has targeted synagogues in the United States, mosques in Christchurch and churches in Sri Lanka. It’s fed by the growing divisions in society created by hate speech, much of it online.

Working together, religious communities can help counter this hate by increasing awareness of the problem and training people to safely respond when faced with racism and religious vilification.

The Council for Christians and Jews of Victoria (CCJ), in partnership with the Online Hate Prevention Institute (OHPI), invites your community to participate in a new program to tackle hate speech.

The program will provide in depth training for representatives from communities to help them recognise and respond to racism and religious vilification.

The program will include facilitation training and material to allow representatives to run introductory sessions on tackling this problem for their community and people nearby.

As this space is constantly evolving, facilitators will be offered quarterly skill updates.


Knowledge Training: Teach participants to recognise the language and imagery associated with today’s racism and religious vilification and the options for combating it.
Facilitation Training: Train participants to use provided resources to facilitate public sessions on recognising and responding to racism and religious vilification in online spaces.
Knowledge Updates: Keep facilitators current with quarterly updates on emerging issues and changes in the language of online hate.

Community Representative Training
Training for community representatives will take place over the course of a single day and will be delivered by OHPI.

There is a participation cost of $30 per participant, but this cost will be refunded for up to 2 participants from each community where those participants are able to demonstrate that they have run an introductory session within 3 months of completing the training.

Community Representative Training will take place on November 10, 2019. Registration deadline for participation is 1, 2019. To register, contact at or 03 9429 5212.

Introductory sessions
Introductory sessions for the community are designed as 1.5 hour programs and support material will be provided. The sessions will cover:

Recognising hate: create awareness of the common language and narratives of today’s hate.

Knowing how hate manifests: understanding the ways hate enters the discussion.

Standing against hate: how to respond with counter speech, reporting, transparency reporting, and moderation policies for community spaces.

These sessions are designed to be run by a trained member of the community and may be run multiple times for community members and local residents.

Online at Humanitix:

For more information and to register contact: or 03 9429 5212

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