Victorian Shared Values Forum

Highton Manor

The Victorian Shared Values Forum What is Truth will be conducted at Highton Manor, Mansfield, Victoria, on Sunday, 20 November at 1 PM.

This unique annual Victorian project, presented by Unity in Diversity Inc, a non-denominational community organisation, offers community education to foster inter-cultural and inter-faith understanding for the unity of fellow Australians.

After a welcome ceremony, by an Aboriginal Elder, opened by a representative of the Victorian government, a panel of experts will provide rare insights into the value of truth, shared by all faith communities. With Dr Nicholas Coleman, Moderator, will follow on how the common threads in these beliefs are applicable to our modern society.

The speakers will be:
– Buddhism: Dr Diana Cousens, Tibetologist, former Vice-Chair, Buddhist Council of Victoria
– Judaism: Walter Rapoport Chairperson, Council of Christians and Jews of Victoria
– Christianity: Prof. Raymond Canning, Co-Director, Asia-Pacific Centre for Inter-religious Dialogue, Assistant Head, School of Theology, Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, Australian Catholic University
– Islam: Jasmine Ouaida, Youth Worker, Moreland City Council, Young Citizen of the Year 2009
– Hinduism: Abhay Awasthi, J P, President, Hindu Foundation of Australia
– Aboriginal Spirituality: Gerry Bostock. Elder, Kurradji Healer

The Symposium is followed by the Mansfield Unity in Diversity Celebration 2011- The Multicultural Folk Dance Festival of High Country.

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Source: Unity in Diversity

Photo Credit: Visit Victoria

Highton Manor, Mansfield, Victoria
Highton Manor, Highton Lane, Mansfield, Victoria