Tasmania: August 2018

Tasmania: August 2018

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Monday 6 August 2018 marks the 73rd vigil for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This month, as our practice for peace, we are proposing as much as possible on that day to put some time aside to pray or meditate for peace, to speak words and to perform acts of peace as gifts of peace to the world.


Monday 6 August 2018 marks the 73rd vigil for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This month, as our practice for peace, we are proposing as much as possible on that day to put some time aside to pray or meditate for peace, to speak words and to perform acts of peace as gifts of peace to the world. https://www.icpj.org/blog/2006/hiroshima-day-prayer/ refers.

There is also news of a partnership between the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change and Religions for Peace Australia in supporting an international program for the earth’s sustainability called Living the Change. We are inviting interested people of faith to make a personal pledge during the Living the Change Global Week of Commitment 12-17 October 2018.

We are inviting people to take personal action in one or more of these three core areas:

  • Food: current research shows that eating a more plant-based diet and less meat is more efficient use of land and water and far better for environment, climate and our health.
    (e.g. If I eat 1kg a month less of red meat by observing meat-free Mondays, I will save about 220 kg of carbon dioxide equivalents per year).
  • Transport: reducing our use of fossil fuels (petrol and diesel used in air and road transport) can help to cut air pollution and carbon dioxide emissions.
    (e.g. If I work in a place 20 km away, and travel one day a week on public transport or car sharing I will save about 379 kg of carbon dioxide equivalents per year).
  • Energy: by being more efficient with our electricity use and (wherever possible) switching to renewable energy we can make a major reduction in our carbon dioxide emissions.

(e.g. if I buy electricity produced from renewable sources I may save up to 4,828 kg of carbon dioxide equivalents per year).

At the moment the call is to reflect on what action we are willing to commit to during the Global Week of Commitment in October.

Holy Days for August:
15 August Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Christianity)
22 August Eid ul Adha Commemorates Ibrahim’s willingness to sacrifice his son in submission to God’s will (Islam)
26 August Raksha Bandhan Celebrates brotherhood and protective love (Hinduism)
3 September Krishna Janmashtami Celebrates the Birth of Krishna (Hinduism)

Dancers of Universal Peace
Dear Dancers,
Dances of Universal Peace will be held Tuesday 7th August, in the new venue 339 Macquarie St, South Hobart in the Hawker Centre behind the All Saints Anglican Church and The Jesse Tree op shop, starting at 7.30pm.
For those of you who have ordered Allaudin’s CD I will have them there so bring an extra $20 so you can pay for them. I have extras for those who didn’t order, and would like one.
Enquires 0400051963

Sister Shivani

Sister Shivani is coming to Hobart on Thursday 16 August 18 and is giving a free presentation at the Grand Chancellor Hotel that evening from 7.00-9.00pm (see attached flier) as part of a tour of Australia. Her topic here is Being Love. This is a great opportunity, especially for those of us who know of her remarkable work, to hear her speak in person.

Sister Shivani has a huge following in India and a fast growing audience overseas, as one who promotes inner wellness in a very simple and practical way. Her style has universal reach, transcending cultures, ideologies and religions. Sister Shivani’s talks are intentionally simple in their delivery, yet the wisdom conveyed is profound.

Her themes are:

  • relationships
  • conflict
  • dealing with anger
  • dealing with emotions
  • thinking constructively amount highly emotive situations

She is not afraid to deal with sensitive issues in a thoughtful and compassionate way.

Below are some of the awards she has been given:
** Women of the Decade Achievers Award by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India
** Goodwill Ambassador by the World Psychiatric Association
** Sought-after International Empowerment Speaker.
** https://www.facebook.com/BKHobart/videos/2104483369791754/
** Although the program is being presented free of charge, bookings are required and you can book directly on the following link:
** https://shivani.com.au/product/awakening-sister-shivani-australian-tour-16th-august-hobart/

Hara Yoga
Doko-san, Abbot of Doch-an and Shumpu-an Zen hermitages and Little Zen Sangha, is returning to Hobart to offer a weekend non-residential Zen Retreat. This Retreat is especially for newcomers to Zen and those interested in getting a feel for a traditional seven day silent retreat.
Doko-san will be teaching the art of Zazen – the art of ‘just sitting’ – as well as giving talks and showing us some ‘Ki’ exercises to help us along the way. The emphasis will be on getting a true taste of the meditation and energy of Zen.
The retreat will take place at Hara Studio in South Hobart on the 25th and 26th of August. The cost is $185 for the weekend.
Bookings and enquiries: Maddy Goodwolf 0408257751 silentzenretreats@gmail.com

Sacred Conversations
Sacred Conversations is an interfaith outreach and dialogue group that meets on the last Saturday of every month. Our next meeting is at 2pm on Saturday 25th of August at the Multifaith Centre on the Sandy Bay campus of UTAS. You are most welcome to join us for sacred speaking, sacred listening, and sacred silence. Contact Julian McGarry for further information: 0401673016 or julianmcgarry@gmail.com

Also attached please find a flyer about a remarkable event on 23 February – and Interfaith Gathering called 1 Day. Contact Julian McGarry for further information: 0401673016 or julianmcgarry@gmail.com

Australian Religious Response to Climate Change:
As explained above, people from all religious and spiritual traditions are invited to celebrate the first Week of Living the Change 12-17 October with local events in their faith communities. This will be a joyous occasion to come together as an international, interfaith movement for changes towards sustainable living.

We are inviting all people of faith to make a commitment to support the sustainability of the earth by cutting back in one of three areas

  • Eating less meat
  • Cutting back on transport requiring fossil fuels
  • Using more renewable energy.

We are inspired by a higher calling to:

  • Align ourselves with our deepest faith values
  • Take care of the Earth, our common home, and ensure a thriving future for all people
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and prevent waste and harm
  • Send a strong message to others in our communities and to decision-makers in business and government.

We will answer together with one global voice:

  • Let us share and honour the changes we are leading in our own lives to bring about a flourishing world for all
  • Let us share our stories of change, transformation, and regeneration
  • Let us lift up leaders and sustainable solutions in our own communities
  • Let us learn from one another
  • Let us offer guidance on how to live more sustainably.
  • And, most importantly, let us celebrate together!

The local events
Each event organized by participating groups should include two elements that will connect our actions throughout this week:
Commitment: Making a personal commitment to sustainable living and sharing about it
Celebration: Celebrating together with a vegan community meal

We embrace the diversity of different faith groups, cultures, and contexts. Make this event your own by offering a spiritual moment or worship service, incorporating arts and music, organising a community action, showcasing sustainability solutions from your region, and considering other ways to highlight what makes your community unique.

We invite groups to organize an event with their own faith community or as a multi-faith gathering. This event will be an opportunity for deeper engagement between existing groups, as well as relationship building with new actors and communities.

In peace,
Convenor RfP Tasmania Branch
Vice Chair, Religions for Peace Australia
Phone 6272 6521

Religions for Peace Tasmania

Religions for Peace Tasmania