Victoria: Art is a Prayer

Tisna Sanjaya will be participating in Art is a Prayer on the forecourt and steps to the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne, 27 February- 3 March, 10am -4pm, daily. He will be joined by the Jeprut Community from Bandung, Indonesia, an art movement group.


State Library Victoria in partnership with Multicultural Arts Victoria and Project 11 celebrates the inaugural Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts (Asia TOPA) with a performance-based installation by Tisna Sanjaya, one of Indonesia’s most prolific contemporary artists.

Sanjaya, from Bandung, Indonesia combines visual and performing arts to express his concerns and raise awareness of social-political and environmental issues in Indonesia and the world.

The Library’s forecourt will come to life as Sanjaya presents an interactive public painting installation performance over five days during the festival. Inspired by his research into the Library’s collection, Sanjaya will invite the public to join him in a collaborative art practice that combines invention, performance and social conscience.

Tisna will be joined on the forecourt each day at noon by the Jeprut Community from Bandung. Jeprut is an art movement which was developed in the 1980’s by Bandung artists. Wawan S. Husin(poetry/orator), Abah Nanu Musa(shaman), Abah Enjum(reak tibelat), Yoyon Daryono(musician) and Neng Sri Rezeki(sinden) with Tisna preserve Sundanese culture by combining it with modern art practices and performances. 

Tisna’s work ‘Palasari’ will be on exhibition plus a digital retrospective of his work in Experimedia on show from 10am-4pm daily.

Art is a Prayer

“It is a dialogue on the importance of human relations, using performance art to bridge religion, ethnicity and language. Art has the power to nurture feelings, unite beliefs and attitudes as inspiration to the world to stop war. We have to unite together to insist: No more war! Nie wieder Krieg! Peace on Earth; stop the destruction of nature. Join me to inspire world peace.” Tisna Sanjaya.







Tisna Sanjaya Performance Installation
27 February- 3 March, 10am -4pm
Jeprut Community Performance with Tisna @ 12noon
Retrospective and of Tisna’s work @ Experimedia daily – FREE 
State Library of Victoria forecourt, 328 Swanston Street
Further info:

Katrina Lin, Marketing & Communications Officer, Multicultural Arts Victoria / T +613 9188 3681

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