National: Imams Council calls on Muslims to be Authentic Australian Muslims

The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) called upon all Imams across Australia “to unite firmly against the extremist group ISIS and their deviant understanding of Islam.” and to be “to be the best practising examples of what it means to be an Australian Muslim.”

The following Press Release was issued by the Imam’s Council:


It is the position of ANIC, and of all mainstream Muslim leaders globally and nationally, that ISIS has proven time and time again that they are not following the authentic teachings of Islam. As such, it is our duty to clarify and explain this openly, in order to equip all Muslims with the knowledge and understanding that ISIS are not following the correct teachings of Islam and the Sharia’a.

ANIC also calls upon all Imams to address the broader topics of radicalization and extremism in their Friday Sermon (Khutbah), on Friday 24th of February, from the perspective of authentic Islamic teachings, as taught by the Prophet Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him).

ANIC calls upon all Muslims in Australia to be the best practising examples of what it means to be an Australian Muslim. According to Islamic guidelines, or “Sharia’a”, every Muslim is obligated to abide by the laws of the country they live in. By respecting and abiding by the laws of the land, Australian Muslims can be productive and valuable members of society that contribute to the greater good of all Australians.

In the noble character of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH, we have the best example. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) showed true Islam to the world through his kindness, generosity, compassion, understanding, and especially patience during difficult circumstances.

ANIC also recognises that all Imams across Australia have been working tirelessly to convey the true and authentic teachings of Islam, which promote the best qualities of humanity within people, and are for the benefit of all human beings.