Victoria: Global Citizenship and You, Embracing Earth’s Challenge

BCV Logo_RGBThe Buddhist Council of Victoria and the Interfaith Centre of Melbourne would like to invite you a day seminar considering the impact of Climate Change. The seminar is Global Citizenship and You, Embracing Earth’s Challenge at East Brunswick, on Saturday 27 August 2016.

How do we collectively transform ourselves, our communities, and our civilisation to move toward a future of our highest collective possibilities? Hence, the great work of our time is to carry out the transition from the current period where humans are a destructive presence on the Earth to one where the human presence is mutually beneficial to the planet and the entire community of life –a mutually enhancing human/earth relationship.

This workshop is comprised of interactive sessions to build on who we need to be and what we need to do at this momentous time in human history. The workshop aims to inspire and equip you to engage in effective collective action in the world.

The Buddhist Council of Victoria (BCV) in partnership with Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Assoc. USA (DDMBA USA)), Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Assoc. Melbourne Chapter, and The Interfaith Centre of Melbourne will like to invite young people from your community to participate in a exciting workshop to be led by Venerable Chang Ji from Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association (DDMBA USA).

More about the Speaker: Venerable Chang Ji comes to us with experience in teaching the tenets of contemplative action to young adults worldwide and has led many youth leadership workshops and meditation retreats to this effect. She has been a facilitator in programs for young leaders in conflict and post-conflict areas from Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and Cambodia, and works to spread awareness of Spiritual Environmentalism as taught by her teacher, the late Most Venerable Master Sheng Yen to young people all over the world.

We will appreciate if you could please pass the information to the young people in your organisation and community and encourage them to attend this exciting and educational event. We invite young people (ages 15 to 30) to participate in this exciting workshop.

Event Details

Program: Global Citizenship and You, Embracing Earth’s Challenge
Date: Saturday 27 August 2016
Time: 10am to 5pm
Location: Ceres Van Raay Centre, Ceres Community Environment Park, Corner Stewart & Robert Street, Brunswick East
Catering: Vegetarian lunch and refreshment provided. If you have special dietary requirements please inform us.
Registration: Click here to register online
For more information: contact: Linda Marett | 0403 041 961

This event is supported by the Interfaith Centre of Melbourne, Buddhist Council of Victoria, Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association (Melbourne), Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association (USA) and the State Government of Victoria