Religions for Peace International – Annual Report

Religions for Peace International - Annual Report

In this Annual Report for year 2022, Religions for Peace International shares a few highlights on how Religions for Peace advances multi-religious cooperation for the common good. As we celebrate these Holy Days this month, across faiths and across continents, we commemorate the vital work that the global movement advanced and mobilised in 2022. We are honoured to present the Religions for Peace 2022 Annual Report 👉🏽

In 2022, we launched the third phase of its flagship Multi-Religious Humanitarian Fund, and provided seed grants to 17 interfaith initiatives that continue to provide humanitarian assistance to over 1.5 million refugees and internally displaced peoples (IDPs) in Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Ukraine, Yemen, and other areas affected by violent conflict and acute health emergencies.

Religions for Peace convened several multi-religious and multi-stakeholder platforms for building just, peaceful, and inclusive societies. An illustrative example is the Tokyo Peace Roundtable, which paved the way for healing and reconciliation between religious leaders from otherwise warring countries. Similarly, we convened the Manresa 2022 International Multi-religious Forum, which culminated in the adoption of the Manresa 2022 Pact: A Multisectoral Intergenerational Answer to the Social and Environmental Crisis.

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Religions for Peace International - Annual Report