Victoria: Pax Christi Film Night

Pax Christi will hold a film event at Nova Cinema, Carlton, on the afternoon of Sunday, 14 October. The film is Wajib – The Wedding Invitation, an Arabic comedy about a Palestinian family living within Israel’s borders and organising a wedding.


Experience some funny moments, dramatic moments, in another culture . . .

Beautifully nuanced, slyly political, and frequently very funny . . . offers a generous, bittersweet portrait of pinpoint specificity and universal appeal – Sight and Sound

Scooping awards at festivals around the globe, including real-life father and son Mohammad and Saleh Bakri who jointly won the Dubai International Film Festival’s Best Actor Award . . . AnneMarie Jacir’s third film focuses on Palestinians living within Israel’s borders, gently teasing out the complex politics at play.




Writer-director Annemarie Jacir’s multi-award winning comic drama explores the lives of Palestinians living in Israel, and stars real-life father and son Mohammad and Saleh Bakri. The title of Wajib translates as ‘duty’, and it’s duty that brings architect Shadi (Saleh Bakri) from Rome back to Nazareth, where his sister Amal (Maria Zriek) is to be married. Local tradition dictates that Shadi and his divorced dad, Abu Shadi (Mohammad Bakri), must drive around town delivering wedding invitations. Friction is in the air even before the duo clamber into Abu Shadi’s beloved and beaten-up old Volvo. Shadi thinks the exercise is outdated and meaningless. For his father, it’s about maintaining important community rituals. Bakri and son Saleh are terrific and earthily funny as the bickering duo who meet colourful characters on their cross-city travels. A Palestinian born in Bethlehem, raised in Saudi Arabia and educated in New York, Annemarie Jacir (Salt of this Sea, 2008; When I Saw You, 2012) brings a worldly, wise and witty eye to this hugely entertaining and illuminating slice of Palestinian life.

You and your friends are warmly invited to join us at Pax Christi’s second fundraiser for 2018

Nova Cinema 380 Lygon St Carlton
Sunday October 14, 4:30p.m.
Cost $18 per person

Car park entrance Drummond St – keep movie tickets for a discount if over $30 spent in Lygon Court including film tickets. Two cinemas on ground floor, others (plus bar) on level 1. Lift from car park. Wheel chair access.

Write to Pax Christi Vic PO Box 31 Carlton Sth 3053 or email or phone 9379 3889

or by direct deposit to Pax Christi Vic (CBA) BSB 063161 Acc 00900935