Restoring India’s holiest river

Ganges at Varanasi

A long snout lined with sharp teeth slides above the water, followed by a broad back with a triangular fin. Then it is gone.

Spotting Ganga river dolphins in Northern India is tough. The muddy water hides them well and they are shy around boats. But their rarity is mostly down to the massive degradation of their home.

Now, sightings of the endangered dolphins and other wildlife are rebounding, conservationists say, thanks to a concerted effort to restore India’s most sacred river, which is an economic lifeline for more than 500 million people and supports countless species.

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Forest Restoration: Healing Tropical Forests for Spiritual Renewal

Interfaith Rainforest InitiativeThe Interfaith Rainforest Initiative has launched a new primer, ‘Forest Restoration: Healing Tropical Forests for Spiritual Renewal’. It outlines why forest restoration is an essential complement to forest protection and details how and why faith groups should participate in forest restoration projects that contribute to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration.

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