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Spiritual Health Association

Spiritual Health Association (SHA) stands at a pivotal moment as imminent funding cuts pose a threat to the quality and reach of spiritual care in Victorian health services. The Health Minister’s decision to cease our funding will undermine Spiritual Health Association’s role in upholding care quality, safety standards, and sector resourcing, and diminish the capacity of faith communities to deliver faith-specific spiritual care.

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Spiritual Health Association – Pastoral Care and Covid-19

Spiritual Health Association The Spiritual Health Association has provided guidance about visits by volunteers or external faith/belief representatives in Hospitals and Hospices, and noted arrangements for sacred spaces in health agencies and hospitals. The the Australian Health Sector Emergency Response Plan for Novel Coronavirus is noted, The Victorian Coronavirus response is detailed, the Allied Health Professionals of Australia’s daily advice is linked to and Chaplaincy Innovation Lab Coronavirus response for Chaplains is also advised. An excellent resource page.

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