Religions for Peace – GreenFaith – Sacred People, Sacred Earth Statement and Global Day of Action

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Across the world, more and more people are experiencing climate-fuelled disasters first-hand. Droughts, floods, fires and hurricanes are displacing and impoverishing millions. COVID is cruelly worsening these impacts on our most vulnerable communities.

At the heart of these dangers are destructive power structures – ineffective or immoral governments, extractive industries, and fundamentalist or extremist religions. This unholy alliance is wreaking climate devastation.

As we face conditions that tempt us to turn away in despair, faith institutions can and must do much more. The world is crying out for change. We invite individuals and Faith Communities to join in Sacred People, Sacred Earth and create a liveable Earth for the generations to come.

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Sacred People, Sacred Earth: Statement

Greenfaith LogoOn 18 November, in six multi-faith TEDx events around the globe, people of faith and conscience at the grassroots are kicking off organizing for the biggest-ever faith-climate day of action – Sacred People, Sacred Earth. What follows is the statement of Sacred People, Sacred Earth.

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