Tasmania – September 2021

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Greetings of Peace! We wish our friends, family and community Muharram Mubarak and Shana Tova, with many blessings and a new year of filled with peace, good health, hope and wellbeing. Although we are currently facing many challenges calling for spiritual hope and courage, September is a month filled with much significance and many holy days in different faith traditions.

The twentieth anniversary of 9/11, tomorrow, also is a reminder to renew our commitment to peace.  It is timely that 21 September every year commemorates the UN International Day of Peace.  This year the theme of UNIDP is ‘Recovering better for an equitable and sustainable world’. RfP Tas will honour the day by meeting in person and by zoom (called ‘hybrid’ meetings these days) for silent meditation on Tuesday 21 September 21, beginning at 11.30am, finishing at 12noon to the sound of the Peace Bell, traditionally rung at that time in Japan.

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