Interfaith Responses to Gender-Based Violence: A Fireside Chat

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Advancing gender equality is one of the thematic areas of Religions for Peace. Recognizing that gender-based violence, is intricately linked to gender inequality, Religions for Peace is committed to take the lead in this fight through multi-religious collaboration. The International Youth Committee of Religions for Peace has committed this year, 2023, as a year to work on the worldwide issue of Gender-based violence. Gender-based violence is a form of injustice which affects millions of girls and women in the world and is deeply rooted in structural, and institutionalized gender norms and practices.

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Statement of Religions for Peace Women of Faith on Overcoming (Sexual) Violence Against Women

Religions for PeaceOn the occasion of the 30th anniversary of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence, we, women of diverse faiths, beliefs, traditions and spiritualities, from different countries around the world, come together to speak out against violence in all forms, particularly against girls and women, who continue to suffer multiple forms, and disproportionately so. According to our partners the World Health Organisation, 1 in 3 women – around 736 million globally – experiences physical or sexual violence throughout her/their lifetime.

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YMCA: “Name gender-based violence for what it is”

HardenReligions for Peace Australia endorses the Thursdays in Black campaign. The World Council of Churches and Religions for Peace International have taken up Thursdays in Black and Naming Gender-based-violence in a practical manner with video, webinar and ongoing interviews. There is the series of interviews with Thursdays in Black ambassadors which highlights those who are playing a vital role in increasing the impact of our collective call for a world without rape and violence. Casey Harden is general secretary of the World YWCA.

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