A Sociological view of the family in Abrahamic Faiths

FFamily in Abrahamic Faiths

The family is the nucleus of society. The education of an individual, and especially of a woman, brings about the building of a healthy family institution, which constitutes the ideal society. But is there an ideal society? According to religion yes. In addition, this is already being proven by scientific studies, which have recently shown that families that are bred by faith have a minimal level of family problems and especially family conflict, parent-child relations, relationship between sister and brothers, or less clash of generations.

From the day man begins to exist, as a still small being, it constantly develops as a burden on the shoulders of parents. In this regard, it is quite impossible to determine and assess the depth of the parent’s compassion towards the child, the limit of the concerns they lift.

Thus, the excellence of a nation and society begins with the family, the family nest raised by the spouses. Started from this, education should start from the family. Unless the family is raised on educational principles, neither can the society be thought to be polite.

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