Putting Our Values into Action for Nature

FAITH FOR NATURE: Multi-faith action

Faith for Nature: Multi-Faith Action is a global event designed to lay the foundation for inter-faith collaboration for sustainable and regenerative development to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

One of the Objectives of this Conference was to empower faith-based organisations in taking action for the Sustainable Development Goals and to cooperate for sustainable and regenerative development, with a view to endorsing the establishment of a global Faith for Earth Coalition. Religions for Peace Australia participated in this event, giving Report from the Asia and Australia Hub.

What follows is a presentation from Religions for Peace Australia to the Faith for Nature Conference 2020 – Asia Australia Hub Discussion C: “The way forward for Faith-Based Organisations to work for the Sustainable Development Goals”. The title of the paper is, Putting Our Values into Action for Nature, presented by Dr. Philippa Rowland, Vice-Chair Religions for Peace Australia, President Multifaith South Australia.

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