Embracing Spiritual Diversity: A Path to Personal and Collective Growth

New Age Islam Dr Adis Duderija of Religions for Peace Australia, writing in New Age Islam tells that spirituality, at its essence, is not a call for homogeneity but an invitation to embrace the diversity within ourselves and in others. It is through this acceptance and celebration of diversity that personal and collective growth flourishes.

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Cross-party message of hope demonstrates growing support for Australia to sign the nuclear weapon ban treaty

ICAN logoMembers of the cross-party Parliamentary Friends of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) have released a video renewing their support for Australia signing and ratifying the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

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7 Point List to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Australian Religious Response to Climate Change logo

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change is providing two FREE sessions on Reducing your Carbon Footprint and aligning with your faith. Do you want to know more about aligning your carbon footprint with your faith to protect the planet? The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change is presenting an information session via zoom on on June 5 (daytime) and June 6 (evening).

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Plato’s final hours recounted in scroll found in Vesuvius ash

Statue of PlatoMany who seek religion along with peace and harmony among the religions of Earth have studied philosophy: Aristotle, Plato, Socrates and other philosophers. Here, we bring you news of the results of advanced digital imaging, which gives startling information about the last hours of Plato. Newly deciphered passages from a papyrus scroll that was buried beneath layers of volcanic ash after the AD79 eruption of Mount Vesuvius may have shed light on the final hours of Plato, a key figure in the history of western philosophy.

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Nationwide book/project on Anzac Muslims

Flight sergeant Moheddeen ‘Bob’ Howsan,

Muslim fighting and defending Australia started with their loyalty, patriotism and then contribution. Muslim loyalty is a love for the country, Australia. By migrating, living, and working in Australia, Muslims progressively built their attachment to Australia. The Australian military was an opportunity to build positive life experiences and prosperity in Australia, despite encounters with bias, denials, and discrimination in public life due to the impact of the White Australia Policy associated with the Immigration Restriction Act and with their quest for their naturalisation. Thus writes Dr Dzavid Haveric, historian, author and researcher into Muslim presence and participation in Australia.

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Anzac Day Reflection

Anzac Day Reflection 2024

ANZAC Day is an event shared across many nations: Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom. ANZAC Day reminds us of selfless service by those who went to war to defend Australia and Aotearoa – New Zealand and forged an indelible bond of mateship across time and landscape. In this essay, we recall the sacrifice that rendered menaning and purpose in that day, that age. What does this service, this sacrifice render toward social cohesion, harmony and understanding in Australia and New Zealand, today?

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Looking for role models among the spiritual leaders of history? Look to the women in their lives

Look to the women - in this case, Mary MagdalenI want a spiritual role model who would have understood how to avert a meltdown at school pickup. So who are the women spiritual leaders? Sometimes I think the entire point of religion is to help men behave more like women.

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Why does Australia want to be so suicidal?

Australia and the UNFCCC process
Bishop Philip Huggins writes, ‘Australian leadership is no longer an embarrassment at UNFCCC COPs. Nonetheless, Australia’s participation in the fossil fuel industry, including through new projects, is not putting us on the fastest path to net zero. Will we miss our “brief and rapidly closing window” to secure a liveable future?’

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Syncretism in Religion and Rituals: Embracing Diversity and Unity

Adis DuderijaOne fascinating aspect of religious development is the phenomenon of syncretism, which refers to the merging or blending of different religious beliefs, practices, and rituals. The concept of syncretism challenges the notion of religion as a rigid and exclusive system, instead emphasizing the fluidity and adaptability of human spirituality, writes Dr Adis Duderija of the Griffith University Multifaith Centre.

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