Victoria: Jewish Community Response to Coronavirus

Jewish Community Council of VictoriaThe Jewish Community Council of Victoria, the Rabbinical Council of Victoria, Progressive Judaism Victoria, and the Council of Orthodox Synagogues Victoria have formed a covid-crisis-response group to provide Shules, Schools and community organisations with advice and guidance on the current Coronavirus emergency.

In response to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, a Victorian Jewish Community Taskforce has been established. This taskforce will provide Shules, Schools and community organisations with context on the information that is being provided by experts at the Victorian Department Health and Human Services (DHHS).

Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has said “We are going to ask a lot of Victorians – things that we’ve never asked of them before. The disruption will be significant, it will hurt our economy, it will inconvenience many, many people,” he said.

The Taskforce will also assist in coordinating communal decisions to ensure that actions taken are in accordance with expert advice from DHHS and do not create unnecessary panic within the community.

What the Taskforce will do:

Provide you with expert context to enable you to understand DHHS advice and what that means for your organisationProvide you with access to a group of experts that can assist you in making informed decisionsProvide you with support and advice on managing media inquiries 

What you are encouraged to do: 

We are here to assist and provide you with guidance before you take actions that have not been mandated by Government (such as closing your school, shule or building)Engage with the Taskforce to discuss any confirmed cases of COVID-19 at your organisation Engage with the Taskforce who will share various Halachik guidelines from rabbinic sourcesThink about the effects this pandemic will have on your organisation. If you haven’t already activated your business continuity plan now is the time to do so

Where to find more information:

For further information as this dynamic situation continues to evolve, please ensure you keep up-to-date via the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) website. 

To contact the Taskforce email


 Jewish Community Council of Victoria