Perth: Can Art Stop a Bullet?

Can Art Stop a BulletThroughout his life, William Kelly has suspected that art has a profound ability to break through the vicious rage, that narrows minds, to create calming insights. Through the voices of some of the world’s most socially engaged artists and thinkers, “Can Art Stop a Bullet” explores these questions in the search for an alternative path for humanity. His film, Can Art Stop a Bullet will screen in Perth at the Palace Cinema, Raine Square, Perth on Wednesday 25th March at 7pm.

The film follows artist and peace activist William Kelly as he creates the monumental artwork “Peace or War/the Big Picture” and travels the globe speaking with the creators of some of the world’s most recognizable artworks, created in response to conflict.

Kelly discusses the proposition “Can Art Stop a Bullet?” with more than 30 prominent international artists with whom he has been engaged: Martin Sheen, Nick Ut and Dr Rama Mani as well as Australian Indigenous artists Ben McKeown and activist Rose Lester.

The film screened at the 2019 UNA Film Festival in San Francisco and will be shown at the United Nations in Geneva in May and then France, Spain, the Netherlands, Nepal, UK, Japan and elsewhere in 2020. The film has won a number of awards and endorsements ahead of its Australian premiere and it’s screening at this year’s Adelaide Fringe Festival in March.

Director Mark Street is proud that this film is receiving early recognition.

“This has been an intensive three-year project that has taken us around the globe, meeting some of the world’s most iconic artists. In an age where there is so much political and social uncertainty, “Can Art Stop a Bullet?” reminds us that art has never been in a more powerful position to help calm global crises.” He said.

The film features American/Australian artist William Kelly and his lifelong quest for peace through art.

“At a time of assaults on human rights, social justice and free speech, the voices of journalists and artists are under threat. This film reaches from our past to our collective future and it couldn’t be more current,” Kelly said.

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