Brisbane: Community Trustbuilding

Initiatives of Change logoInitiatives of Change recently conducted “Australians Sharing a New Story – towards community trustbuilding”  and will deliver a follow-up dialogue on community trustbuilding at Mt Gravatt on 27 March 2020.

Following is information about the next Initiatives of Change (IofC) event in Brisbane.  

I’m writing from Asia Plateau, the Initiatives of Change centre in India.  We have just completed an international dialogue on “Towards a Humane World” with about 140 from 37 countries.  We explored the connection of inner change to becoming more effective changemakers around four areas of democracy, sustainability, inclusivity and trust. 

While these issues are globally critical, they are also national, local and personal.  This is the link to the report of the last Initiatives of Change event in Brisbane “Australians Sharing a New Story – towards community trustbuilding” 

The first 2020 event is on 27 March at 7 pm at the Garden City Library, Mt Gravatt, flyer below.  We will hear from JOHN DANALIS, author of Riding the Black Cockatoo, the inspiring story of his restitution / reconciliation journey, and UKA PINTO, community leader from Timor-Leste, a Creators of Peace facilitator, masters student in Community Development, Melbourne.  They will both inspire us with their stories, followed by Q&A … and other contributions … facilitated by Amiel Nubaha, President of Rwandan Association of Queensland, Griffith Law graduate last year as well as on the alumni of IofC’s Caux Scholars Program (Switzerland).

Please save the following dates also:

Saturday, 30 May – Australians Sharing a New Story Workshop
Friday, 28 August – Community Trustbuilding Seminar
Saturday, 24 October – Australians Sharing a New Story Workshop

The venues will be in different locations and we will keep you updated.

We would love to have you join us and to let your networks know.  

Bookings for 27th March at Mt Gravatt: Online at Try Booking


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