Multifaith gathering to acknowledge Victoria’s bushfire crisis

Parliament of VictoriaThere will be a special multifaith gathering on the steps of Parliament House on Tuesday, 4 February 2020, at 11.00am to acknowledge Victoria’s bushfire crisis.

This Multifaith Gathering will be hosted by the Faith Communities Council of Victoria and the Multifaith Advisory Group (convened by the Victorian Multicultural Commission). The gathering will bring Victorians together to pray for the people who have lost their lives and for the devastation of land, property and wildlife caused by the recent bushfires.

Join us as we show our appreciation and say thanks to the firefighters, emergency services and volunteers for their dedication, bravery and service.

We will also show our support for leaders on all sides of politics as they continue to lead our state through this unprecedented tragedy.  We ask you, as members of the faith community to join us on the steps to show your support. 

With the fire season not yet over, and with relief and recovery efforts expected to take months if not years, this event will demonstrate the strength of our community and our support for each other.

We hope you can join us.

The gathering will include:

  • Welcome to Country
  • Minute of silence to acknowledge those who have lost their lives and the devastation to land and wildlife
  • Parliament Chaplain to say a few words
  • Premier to say a few words.
  • Opposition to say a few words.
  • Leader of the Greens to say a few words.
  • End on a round of applause for our fire fighters.


Parliament of Victoria
The multifaith gathering to acknowledge the Bushfire Crisis will take place on the steps of the Parliament of Victoria