Multifaith Association of South Australia – Year 2019

Multifaith Association of South Australia Logo Multifaith Association of South Australia President Phillipa Rowland reports that “In hindsight, 2019 has been a productive and positive year for the Multifaith Association of SA”, although not without its challenges.

2019 was a year in which we have seen great good arise from the pain of terrible disasters. Adelaide’s faith communities responded with great love and compassion to the double tragedies of Christchurch NZ and Colombo, Sri Lanka. Leaders from ten faiths and Kaurna elder, Uncle John Lochowiak from NATSICC gathered in an Interfaith Prayer for Peace in St Francis Xavier Cathedral in March. In April, the Sril Lankan Catholic community was joined in solidarity by Professor Mohamad Abdalla, five Imams and the Sri Lankan Buddhist Vihara to grieve the loss of 200 lives in Columbo. The Multifaith Association of South Australia had a small but significant role to play in both events, and has since been invited to organise two additional Interfaith Blessings (one for the Lord Mayor of Adelaide for Unity Week, and the other with Salisbury Mayor for the launch of a major Multicultural Hub in Salisbury).

There have been three other significant shifts in South Australia in 2019:

  • Disaster and Recovery Chaplaincy training has been opened up to the Interfaith community for the first time, and two members of the MFA Committee participated in 2-day workshops
  • First steps taken towards to establishment of an Interfaith Rapid Response Network, so that people of all faiths can more readily respond together in times f crisis and also gather together to celebrate and build friendships and understanding across faith communities
  • Living the Change workshops have been held with one large interfaith group (60 poeple attended our International Day of Peace event on 21 September 2019) and smaller events are planned within individual faith groups (eg Catholic Laudato Si’; Pilgrim Uniting Church

2019 Timeline of Multifaith SA Events/Contributions

February 16PeaceAhmadiyya Peace Symposium
18ClimateParliamentary Friends of Climate Action
27InterfaithInterfaith Matters at Hope’s Café (& each month hence)
March 9-10Climate/EnvEcumenical Laudato Si’ Retreat, Galong NSW
12Funeral for Fr Denis Edwards, Eco-theologian
24InterfaithInterfaith Prayer for Peace, St Francis Xavier Cathedral
27InterfaithInterfaith Matters at Hope’s Café (Egyptian Coptic)
April 13InterfaithBaha’i poetry, pizzas, prayers
14InterfaithPalm Sunday + Buddha House long life prayers for the Dalai Lama
18ClimateSt Margaret Mary’s Church banner “Fossil fuels especially coal, must be replaced – Pope Francis”
May 1LtCARRCC Living the Change (LtC) Webinar
8Interfaith NetworkInterfaith Rapid Response Network 1st Meeting
12InterfaithSri Lankan Muslim Assoc Iftar Dinner
15Interfaith NetworkInterfaith Rapid Response Network 2nd Meeting
19InterfaithAhmadiyya Muslim “Fasting in my Faith”
June 1InterfaithBosniak’s Masjid Iftar diner
5LtCLiving the Change (LtC) Webinar
12Interfaith Network Interfaith Rapid Response Network 3rd & 4th Meetings
15InterfaithTeachings plus Meeting with Tenzin Palmo
18RefugeesCircle of Silence Vigil for Asylum seekers
July 24Laudato Si'Laudato Si’ Animators webinar
24InterfaithInterfaith Matters (Zoroastrian)
August 8LtCCentre for Islamic Thought & Education Living the Change presentation
9InterfaithCall with President of Religica website (Seattle)
22 ChaplaincyDisaster & Recovery Ministry Training
28InterfaithBeit Shalom Synagogue visit
29LtCCatholic Clergy Reflection Day on Environment
Sept 5LtCOCEANIA Ecosystem Services Forum, NZ
5ClimateCreation Care Symposium, St Peter's Anglican Church
16InterfaithMeeting with Hon Vincent Tarzia, Speaker of House
21Interfaith / LtCInternational Day of Peace – Declaring Peace on Earth
October 9First NationsBlackwood Reconciliation Uluru Statement from Heart
22ChaplaincyDisaster & Recovery Ministry Training
27InterfaithBaha’i Celebration of the Birth of the Bab

30InterfaithInterfaith Blessing, Adelaide Town Hall w Lord Mayor
31LtC / Laudato Si'Catholic Dialogue on Ecological Conversion
Laudato Si' implementation
Nov 7InterfaithYom Hashoah - Jewish Commemoration of the Holocaust
8-9LtC / ClimateAustralian Religious Response to Climate Change conference
30InterfaithInterfaith Blessing of new Multicultural Hub for Salisbury Council (30 representatives from 15 faiths)
2018-11-28Interfaith-ClimateHuman Face of Climate Change – the Real Costs of Our Inaction”, Parliament House, Canberra


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