Islamophobia is a scourge on Australian Society

Islamic Council of VictoriaThe Islamic Council of Victoria has been engaged in specific projects providing support for those Muslims in Victoria experiencing Islamophobia. The Second Islamophobia Report in Australia indicates that there is an increase in attacks against Muslim women and children, a disgraceful matter.

The second Islamophobia in Australia report, covering the period 2016 – 2017, was released yesterday. Produced by researchers at Charles Sturt University and analysing incidents reported to the Islamophobia Register during that period, the report found a significant increase in attacks against Muslim women and children, and online incitement to violence and murder.

That’s worrying enough but the reality is that attacks on Muslims and their places of worship have escalated since 2017. Not even the horrific tragedy of Christchurch earlier this year has halted this alarming trend with attacks on mosques in Queensland the most obvious examples.

“If anything, these crimes appear to be emboldening Islamophobes and fuelling more incitement against Muslims”, said Islamic Council of Victoria President Mohamed Mohideen.

This has led to urgent security reviews for mosques, community centres, and Islamic schools. “Mosques are meant to be open and welcoming places for the
entire community, and we want to keep them that way, but the safety of worshippers is a paramount concern”, continued Mr Mohideen.

Tackling Islamophobia is the number one priority for the Islamic Council. That is why it has established the Islamophobia Support online platform ( to assist victims and also empower community organisations. The Islamophobia Register is one of the key partner organisations.

It’s time that we speak frankly to the Australian community. Just like anti-Semitism and racism are not tolerated in any way, shape or form, anti-Muslim
hate speech, discrimination, and threats of violence must be similarly deemed proscribed behaviour.

The Islamic Council of Victoria calls upon our nation’s leaders starting with the Prime Minister to take decisive action in word and deed to address the scourge of Islamophobia on Australian society.

The release of the report is a milestone, let’s hope that it is also a turning point for Australian attitudes towards their fellow citizens of the Islamic faith.

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