Victoria: Red Wednesday Ecumenical and Interfaith Gathering: “Stand up for Faith and Freedom”

Red Wednesday InterfaithThe Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne is spreading Red Wednesday over the whole week from Wednesday 20 November to Wednesday 27. Each night of this week, St Patrick’s Cathedral will be lighted red. The final event will be on Wednesday 27 November, which will be an Ecumenical and Interfaith event.

The Archdiocese has planned events for the whole week for its own Catholic community, to which all people of goodwill are invited. The flyers for these events are attached. We encourage you to consider similar appropriate events in your local communities to acknowledge the many martyrs and victims of anti-religious violence.

However, because this is an issue that cuts across all our communities, we need to commit together to oppose persecution and violence in the name of religion.

We will therefore end this week with an ecumenical and interfaith gathering at St Patrick’s Cathedral on Wednesday 27 November to enable us to show solidarity across all our religious communities and traditions.

 Because of the possibility of inclement weather, we will gather in the Cathedral Room on the lower ground floor of the Cardinal Knox Centre at 383 Albert Street, East Melbourne (Entrance either from Albert Street, or from the carpark off Lansdowne Street). After formalities, we will go outside at dusk for the lighting of the Cathedral.

In order to help us plan for catering and for dietary requirements, we would appreciate an RSVP before the night.

Download a Flyer for Red Wednesday Events


Red Wednesday Interfaith