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The Australian Intercultural Society presents a Youth Forum, “Shut Up and Listen to Us !” at Victoria University, Metro West, Footscray, on the evening of Thursday, 14 November 2019 from 6:00 pm to 8:15 pm (AEDT).

“Shut Up and Listen to Us !” is a Youth Forum that focuses on getting the millennials and Generation Z’s voice heard when discussing big issue topics such as Identity & Belonging, Mental Health & Cyberbullying, Jobs & Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change & Refugees and more. We have assembled a forum of young leaders to discuss certain social issues impacting our society and we invite all people, both young and old alike, to come and listen to what the leaders of tomorrow have to say about these topics.

Do you feel like you have no control over your future ? That no matter how loud you scream and yell that no one is listening to you? Do older generations make you feel that your emotions are frivolous and invalidate your feelings?

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Event Details

Date:     Thursday, 14 November 2019
Time:    6:30pm – 8:30pm
Venue: Victoria University – Metro West | 138 Nicholson Street | Footscray
Cost:     FREE

Australian Intercultural Society (AIS) is a not for profit organisation that has been operating in Melbourne since 2000 with the aims of promoting multiculturalism and fostering intercultural and interfaith dialogue. We believe in reaching out to all members of society by providing a platform for cultural and information exchange.

Since its establishment, AIS has organised international study tours, academic conferences, cultural exhibitions, Ramadan multi-faith iftar dinners and government sponsored projects, among other activities. Each event provides ample networking opportunities, so the circle of people wanting to build bridges with other communities and collaborate on projects with AIS grows with each program (