Nonviolent Leadership for Interfaith Peacebuilders

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A Nonviolent Leadership for Interfaith Peacebuilders for people aged between 18 – 30 will be conducted at the Amberley Centre, Victoria, over two weekends during 2012.

A groundbreaking new 8-day residential program, designed for young people aged 18-30 years from a variety of different faith backgrounds who hold a common passion to lead their generation towards the goal of a world without violence, intolerance and injustice will be conducted by Pace e Bene Australia at the Amberley Centre.


Young people who engage in the program can expect to gain awareness, skills and increase their capacity in:

  • Nonviolent leadership
  • Interfaith dialogue
  • Community engagement and social change
  • Care of self and others
  • A deeper understanding of their own identity, belonging and purpose

Participants will also emerge with additional support networks that include mentors, consultants and peers forming part of a new and emerging national network of nonviolent interfaith leaders.


Module 1: >The Inner and Outer Journey of Nonviolent Leadership (5 days)
4.30pm Sunday 29th January – 4pm Friday 3rd February 2012

Module 2: The Tool-Kit For Nonviolent Leadership (3 days)
9am Wednesday 11th April – 4pm Friday 13th April 2012


Pace e Bene Australia (PeBA) is largely a volunteer network of people committed to furthering the growth and expansion of the spirituality and practice of active nonviolence in Australia through community education, national conferences, speaking tours, grassroots support and development and leadership programs.


Successful applicants will have all their expenses covered (excluding travel). Participants must be willing to fully commit to the course and come with readiness to engage in changing themselves in order to change the world. This project is supported by funding from the Australian Government Attorney-General’s Department under its Building Community Resilience Grants Program.


Applications forms are available for download on the Nonviolent Leadership for Interfaith Peacebuilders website. Interested persons should Download and complete application forms by 30th November. Places are limited in this program.

Source: Non-violent Interfaith Leadership

Image Credit: Non-violent Interfaith Leadership