South Australia: International Day of Peace and Living the Change

Baha'i logo - hands around the worldYou are warmly invited to an Interfaith Celebration of the International Day of Peace and to Living the Change at the Baha’i Centre of Learning, Adelaide on evening of Saturday, 21 September 2019.

Our intention is to: 

– celebrate our commitment to Interfaith Harmony in Adelaide;
– respect First Nation Elders & learn “How to Live Gently on Country”; and
– discuss how we can act on climate by ‘Living the Change’ 

The 2019 International Day of Peace theme is Climate Action for Peace, on the day after the global Schools Strike


Overview of Intention: to cultivate peace within ourselves and the wide community; to pay respect and listen to elders from our First Nation communities; and to act on climate change

5pm: Welcome to Country – Smoking Ceremony outside on front steps 275 Flinders St

5.10pm Welcome and Introductions – Mahbooobeh Aryanpad

5.12pm Introductory Prayers/Dedication to Interfaith Harmony – Salim /Prof Abdalla

5.14pm Outline of International Day of Peace Event – MC Philippa Rowland
(Interfaith Harmony – “Climate Action for Peace”– Living the Change – Respect for Elders)

5.15 First Nations Panel / Circle on “How to Live More Gently on Country”
Elders introduced and take their seats (on stage or inner circle) then each elder takes 5-7 minutes to share reality of call to “Walk Gently on Country” from their perspective.

6.00pm Group Questions and Discussions

6.25pm Guided Meditation on Cultivating Peace within Ourselves – Vani Shukla

6.30pm Shared Meal and Music Interlude

7.15pm Climate Action for Peace – Living the Change workshop
– small group discussion, commitment/pledges
– 1-2 brief inspiring clips of different faith people who’ve made lifestyle pledges
– Schools speaker on Youth perspective

8.15pm Next Steps – help run community workshops, Grounded in Faith, shared learning

8.20pm Closing Ceremony – Dedication Prayer & Meditation – Damian Outtrim

8.30pm Guests depart, bearing small candle of hope and handout of possible next steps

Event Details

Program: UN World Day of Peace and Living the Change
Date: Saturday 21 September 
Time: 5pm – 8.30pm
Location: Baha’i Centre of Learning 275 Flinders Street, Adelaide
Admission: We welcome people willing to make a small donation or bring a plate to share
RSVP: Please book online at Eventbrite; 

More information: email or by text 0429 828412
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