Victoria: Holocaust Memorial Service

The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne and Uniting Church Synod of Victoria will conduct a Holocaust Memorial Service on the evening of Monday 29 April at Siena College, Camberwell at 7:30pm.

Christians Remember

The Holocaust, sometimes called The Shoah, was a mass human slaughter event in which Nazi Germany, systematically killed people in a planned and forced way during World War II. About six million Jews were killed, as well as five million others that the Nazis claimed were inferior (mostly Slavs, communists, Romani/Roma people, people with disabilities, homosexuals, and Jehovah’s Witnesses). These people were rounded up, put in ghettos, forced to work in concentration camps and then killed in big gas chambers. Jews were forced to wear the yellow Star of David.

Why were the Jews killed?

There was hatred and persecution of Jews (anti-Semitism) in Europe for hundreds of years. Many people wrongly thought that all Jews were rich, mean, and not at all social. These simple ideas were popular in the German-speaking world and elsewhere in the late 1800s. Adolf Hitler was born in Austria during this time, when many people disliked Jews. He may have been jealous of Jewish success in Austria. However, in a book he wrote called Mein Kampf (“My Struggle”), he said it was the Jews’ fault that Germany and Austria lost World War I. He also wrote that Germany’s economic problems were the Jews’ fault. Many people agreed with Hitler’s ideas and supported him as the leader of the Nazi Party.


For all people of good will: We would be honoured by Jewish friends who wish to attend the 2019 Holocaust Memorial Service

Event Details
Date: Monday, 29 April 2019
Time: 7.00pm 
Location: Siena College  815 Riversdale Road, Camberwell Victoria 3124
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After the service, you are invited to share kosher light refreshments and conversation.

Additional parking will be available in the St Dominic’s Church car park in Dominic Street, opposite Siena College

An initiative of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne and Uniting Church Synod of Victoria