Victoria: Ecumenical ANZAC Service at St Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne

On ANZAC Day (25 April) at 11am St Paul’s Cathedral will conduct a Service of Lament, Repentance and Hope. We will remember that the ‘War to end all wars’ was over, but that was not ‘enough’. War continues. We will pray for all peace makers, who are children of God, whoever they are. All are welcome. Service commences at 11 AM.

On ANZAC Day there will be an Ecumenical Service at St Paul’s Cathedral. The preacher is Dr Mark Brett, Professor of Old Testament at Whitley College. We will be remembering before God all who lost their  lives in war, all who were damaged by war, and all who waited at home. We will remember the war against the First Nations of Australia. We will remember all who said no to war and all who continue  to say no.

We will remember the ‘war to end all wars’, the 1919 Peace Conference that set the scene for more wars, and all the preparations for war, that continue even now. This is a service of lamentation and repentance for all the destruction, tragedy, loss and waste humankind brings on itself by going to war and it is a service of hope against hope for a just and sustainable peace. We will pray that by God’s grace peace makers will carry the day.
When:         Thursday 25 April 2019      11am      
Where:        St Paul’s Cathedral, Cnr Swanston and Flinders Streets, Melbourne